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#midnightsun Joyous @yogascapes #fosshotel @yogascapes road trip to #skogafoss #iceland #yogaretreat Bathing beauties @yogascapes #midnightsun retreat Hanging out with @yogascapes #doingthings Excited to spend the next eight days teaching yoga & adventuring with these lovely ladies 🙏🏼 #Yogascapes #midnightsun Happy Summer Solstice & Happy International Yoga Day! I made a yoga Basics video just for you so you can enjoy the benefits of yoga in just 7 minutes anywhere :) the link is in my bio 💞#InternationalYogaDay It's hot today! 53 Fahrenheit! (That's 12 degrees C) Excited for my retreat with @yogascapes to start on Thursday. Check my Instagram stories for details 💞 outfit by @sharahayz Dancing for you! 🎹🎹Hooping is my first and foremost love. It gives me freedom inside a world with lots of rules. I grew up dancing ballet. You have to follow the rules in ballet, when I discovered Hooping I fell in love because there were no rules. Naturally I created some rules for myself to develop a language teaching hoop dance.. but I think the real beauty is in the element of free flow that exists when we have a hoop floating around us. 💕 #Repost @yogascapes
Hot springs for days. That's Iceland. 12 days until we're there. #Yogascapes 📸 @daliarojea That time I went to @silverislandyoga and got to stay in Hemera #dreamcometrue GYROTONIC® pre-training starts this Sunday @discogym Dive deep into the GYROTONIC® Method, transform your body, begin your journey to becoming GYROTONIC® instructor.

June 4-10th 10AM-5PM 30hrs total. #trainlikeadancer #Repost @yogascapes - Iceland waterfalls are a special kind of magic. Every time we visit, we find ourselves forgetting how much time has passed as we take in the majesty of these beautiful sights. Come lose track of time with us June 22-29. We have a few spots left on this retreat! #Yogascapes 📸 @patheight
Link in bio 🔗 Fancy Footwork 👟🍑
#legs #nopants #nopantslife #hoopers #callingallhoopers #freeflow #hooplove #hoopla #gianthoop #cheeky #hoopersofinstagram Nature is perfect and you are nature #7thchakra #plantmedicine Have you meditated yet today? Meditation is easier than you think. ➡️Step 1: Find a comfortable seated position that you can sustain for at least 10 minutes with a long spine. ➡️Step 2: put your phone onto do not disturb mode and set the timer for 10 minutes. ➡️Step 3: Close your eyes and pay attention to the sensation of your breath as it comes in through your nose and penetrates the deeper body. Then follow the sensation of your breath as it leaves your body. If your mind begins to wander, gently bring it back to the present moment by focusing on the sensation of your breath. Continue with this until your timer rings. ➡️➡️Congratulations! You just meditated for 10 minutes! Easy right? Try this exercise daily and when it becomes second nature you can add on 2-3 minutes, and gradually extend your meditation up to 20 minutes.

Are you new to meditation? Do you meditate already? I'd love to hear about your experience with meditation.

#namaste #meditation Hip hoopin' for my homies 🔑🎶back in LA. Hit me up for Gyro/Yoga/Hoop sessions #hoopers #hoopersofinstagram #hooplife #hoopurbia #nopantslife #tropical #summer #beachbody Been swimming in these healing waters all week. Feel full of magic and all loved up. Thank @silverislandyoga & all my yogis for a wonderful 2 weeks of sharing what I love with you. #namaste 🙏🏼#heartchakra 🐚 #yamaste #love 💚 #nature 🌊 #friendfam 💞#Greece 🌸#restorative @hoopurbia 2.0 @silverislandyoga #hoopers #yogis #superstars #mood #mermaid

Beka Hoop is a multi-dimensional choreographer & hula hoop artist. She performs internationally with LED, lasers & projections, multi hoops, contortion and contemporary dance.​ Her stage experience combined with lifetime training in dance and yoga, gives her a grace and presence on camera that is totally unique.​ "If you think the hula hoop is for children, Rebecca Halls will introduce you to a contemporary lifestyle choreography you didn‘t expect." - Platoon Magazine Berlin

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