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Being flexible about life 🐍 ... 🎥@druuberson @maderasvillage wearing my uniform @ekatsuits 😻#maderaslife #flexible Sending love to all beings everywhere ❣️#healtheworld #hooping 📸@adarable13 👘@ekatsuits We're all on a unique path... stay focused on what is in front of you now to prep you to be present for what lays ahead #minfulness #presence Morning Stretch 📸@adarable13
Suit by @sharahayz #blackandwhitephoto #doingthings SUN-DAZE 
The perfect day for restorative hooping . . .
#hoopersofinstagram #savasana That time I wore latex couture and danced around paper art... another by 📸@einarsnorri #benditlikebeka #berlin Stretching my luck 📸@einarsnorri #notyoga #donttrythisathome Flowing through life... riding that cosmic wave #doingthings #hoopersofinstagram captured in action by @daryakosilova suit by @metal_moon En Pointe. It's Wednesday. This Eclipse has got me going full speed ahead. No time to waste... How about you? Let's do this. 📸Tanhauser from my berlin daze. #doingthings #onpoint Opening up my heart to possibility... letting go & making space for manifestations... cleansing crystals & welcoming prosperity & abundance... most of all trying to quiet my mind so I can hear what my heart is saying... #totaleclipseoftheheart #manifestation One of my fave spontaneous shoots with @thelabmagazine #berlin #tbt Now more than ever we must love our sisters, our brothers, our neighbors, even our enemies. No matter what color skin, what belief system, what they eat, how they dress, who they love. We must gather together and love one another. We have healing to do as a planet. If you don't know how to start, begin by being kind to loved one... or even a stranger with no expectation of anything in return. When someone hurts you, rather than retaliating with more hurt, take a step back and see if you can find some way to love and appreciate just one thing about them. Are they doing their best? When we release judgement our hearts can be truly open to change. #healtheworld #equinoxmademedoit Some backbend flow after assisting this morning's magic rooftop class at @skyspacela for @equinox There's not much point in stretching unless you are simultaneously strengthening your body. This is why I absolutely love teaching the GYROTONIC® Method. It has completely transformed my body and the way I move. In combination with Handstands & Hula Hooping there's no workout I'd rather be doing... #madonnachallenge #danceon PS this photo is of me in 2013 in Berlinnnno 📸Guido Gazzilli My favorite place on Earth. Sound on. When the whole world is moving so fast... isn't it nice to slow down sometimes?
#slowflow #downdog 🌊✨ Dreamy Lovely class with the ladies this morning #yogaeverydamnday #doingthings Exploring some movement sans hoop in my studio for the week #doingthings #aquarius 
AQUARIUS :: The High Priestess, Rx

August is an interesting and unique month for you, Aquarius. It might feel a little foggy and confusing in moments, but this is to be expected from the inward intensity of The High Priestess reversed. Your invitation is to float calmly in the fog, to let things be directionless and unclear in moments, without panic or worry. Just be. Often, if we receive this card reversed, it is very important to do nothing for a little while, allowing the mist to clear before we can see the moon again.

The High Priestess is ruled by the Moon. She is as watery, as changeable and as deep as they come. If we receive her in a reading, it is a sign that we already know the answers to our question. This archetype is deeply connected to our intuitive knowing, and requires us to cultivate an enormous amount of stillness and inner quiet to receive this deep answer from within. When we receive her reversed, it’s like there is a cloud cover over the light of the Moon. We just can’t hear or seem to get down to the core of our intuition. Our card pulls might seem totally confusing, our channels might sound like there’s nothing but dead air between us and our Guides. If so, it’s okay.

As stated before, just be for a little while. Laugh, bake bread, see friends, make love, see a movie—get back into life in a present way. Don’t worry so much about the future, or what’s to come. Focus on having so much fun that you forget how deeply you were straining to know or hear something. The more you take the pot off the stove and let it cool down, the clearer things will become. No pressure this month; just live.

Cast by Lindsay Mack @wildsoulhealing from @the_numinous Lighting up the city #firehoop #berlincalling 📸Tanhauser #madonnachallenge Hoop Art 📸@iammarilynrose
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Beka Hoop is a multi-dimensional choreographer & hula hoop artist. She performs internationally with LED, lasers & projections, multi hoops, contortion and contemporary dance.​ Her stage experience combined with lifetime training in dance and yoga, gives her a grace and presence on camera that is totally unique.​ "If you think the hula hoop is for children, Rebecca Halls will introduce you to a contemporary lifestyle choreography you didn‘t expect." - Platoon Magazine Berlin

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