Kerry Wee

Back in the saddle... I mean the air ☁️See your beautiful faces in class this morning and tonight:) Old friends apparently like to lunch for 5 hours... start with lunch and end with happy hour 😜#professionallunchers #friendsforlife @traciebhooper My niece can invert... it's almost like we're related... 🤔#namaste #partneryoga #babyyoga #yoga It's been 10 years and she she still wears short shorts to bars.... lol. I ❤️you @kat_aka_fred All ready 💄but I have to do normal people things.... so, shot a selfie ➡️ wash the face 🚰 #firstworldproblems Part 2 to finish off my standing series yesterday... ⚔️Warrior /Triangle 🔺 flow on reformer meant to be repeated and on light springs. A Yogalates baby 🍼? Lol, all of my stuff just ends of mashed together:) Lil Sunday morning ballet barre on reformer. Working my hip rotation and balance with a modified side split ➡️ plié ➡️ single leg balance while trying 🤞🏼to maintain form. Lil slow hammock flow for your Saturday morning ☕️#origami Racing for the weekend like....🏎Hope to see your faces tonite for Friday nite aerial at @womackandbowmantheloft So I kind of got to do the pool on July 4th....🙃 Hammock fun at #bigmikesbbq Thanks to @steve_gale @innent Photo cred 📸 @kennysauruswrecks It's a wrap 🎬on Independence Day 🇺🇸 at the #MarijuanaMansion for @innent. A big thanks to @steve_gale and @kennysauruswrecks with @polecricket @lenaanishchenko @jkimpole @zuzanalova @onlyonepaige and missing @merostrowsky who had the early shift. Sometimes I think I started training aerial just so I could whip my hair while on a moving object #ilovethisshit 😜Students! I'm subbing Lyra tmrw at The Loft 10:30am Beg/Int and noon Int/Adv. Doing choreo in the noon class:) Enjoying one of LA's gems 💎with these beauties #auntiestatus #dtla #downtownla #thebroadmuseum #infinitymirroredroom Today's workout inspired by the Lotus to my Jade ⛩ @monika_ell :) lil tweak to make it right on my body Mo, but it's a great combo 😘 When your homie is pole master teacher @polecricket, you put your big girl pants 👖on and get your ass on a pole 😳My first private with Natasha Wang:) Part II 💗#lyralove Midnight panderings to my girl @fkatwigs 🌓#dance Lil Lyra choreography for your Saturday morning. Part 1 💗 #lyralove Lil floor improv to start the day 😋 #lyralove Rise Up on a Monday Morning 🌅

Kerry Wee, a dancer since the young age of 5, moved to Los Angeles after earning a BA in Politics at Oberlin College to pursue a life in the arts. She began her professional career dancing for Disney in a percussion-tap dancing show at the new California Adventure park and in the years following, danced on stage, television and film. Kerry has performed alongside Shakira, Carrie Underwood, Beyonce, Prince, Jane's Addiction, World-Artist Benise, Burlesque legend Dita Von Tease and R&B Artists - Pharrell, Ashanti & Busta Rhymes. And on television & film on Dancing with the Stars, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Entourage, the American Music Awards, the BET Awards & feature films Coach Carter & the Rundown. While her dance career continued, Kerry was the Public Relations Director for the French-Cabaret show L'effleur des Sens where she worked on the production side of the business.

Years later, she was drawn to something different. Kerry was dancing alongside a couple of aerialists and decided to start the long road of training for the aerial arts. Most recently, Kerry toured as an aerialist & dancer on Motley Crue's "Monster" Tour & on Taylor Swift's "Speak Now" Tour. She is also an aerialist in music videos for the rock band Evanesence, Grammy-winning Latin Artist Juan Luis Guerra & Indie-vocalist Arden Kaywin. Locally she can be found in the air for gigs at the King King Hollywood, the SupperClub, Beacher's Madhouse & Asia Entertainment. Kerry teaches aerial silks 3 days a week in Los Angeles and spends her mornings personal training and teaching pilates to private clients.