Flii Stylz

Oh yea.....true hate. None of us had the steps yet, this was like 30min into class. I choose this clip because of the flow of learning that was taking place....had a lot of fun. 
When we were done they killed it on the red cam in 8k. Thanks to all that came out.....see y'all soon.

Shot by: @luvvjones_ 
Track Prod by: FliiStylz c/o #MadestarRecords I can't wait.... #friday Fliicademy will be in full effect. Come get this footwork at the latenight session....I feel like vibin out and teaching the stylz......lets work. Rest up Savvy. Playin music on my live for you this morning mane.....
My heart heavy today mane, love you to Live. May the heavens hold you like the most high told you. 
Gone miss you Fool!!!!! This is a OG. The realest....
I havent earned this status yet.... I know Ive done alot....but everyone please wait till at least in my 40s to call me a OG please thanks.....LOL.

Also aint nothin cute about these steps they hard core true freestyle freedom!!!!! Dont study me study who I study... The teacher.......@popinpete Thanks for this pic
@ebcoop4eva love you my niece.
I sent it to Larry and he was flabbergasted.

#1991.......the year the #brohydez
Was founded.

Thats me and my brother right there before the world got cold then a mufukka. We both had a zip on us a peice in this pic LOL....... 3 years later I went to LA for the first time...then two years after that I left and never went back home. Wouldnt you like to hear/see  the details?????? I think its about time to tell my story..... Being born in oakland and raised in Richmond was a truley intresting journey. We refused to be average cute boys from around the way that eneded up hustling and and swiss cheesed up dead denna muffff... We lost alot but we alive.......Im gone tell it. @michaelericdyson 
We on big brother.... Thanks for the love man......we appreciate the fact your so solid.....great job. Up In that thang....honor to be honored.
#TheRawWord BEHIND THE SCENES. STYLED BY @thejeanyus. BIG THINGS IN THE WORKS. #Fliistylz My heart go boom like a #m1000 Poppa said whatever you create.....stay down wit it. Bliss.

HFD to all my great friends with kids. All of you. Im not sending all them text out today....😂👊 to everyone who leave a comment and all dat all dat.... Its all good She be groovin.... Pause.
#theybesayinstufflikethat #fareal #howtheybeholdinyou #likethis #LIKETHAT #Lmfao #moneytalk #classic Reason #1. My current real life situation at this moment.....babygirl dont want no help wit the chop joints..smh..... Wow....one more year!!!!Woke up the greatest gift in life, my daughter mumbling new words we never 👂'd before. 
We have two family businesses that are flourishing... @pretty_beautician
Been on her shit as well and we have a unique quality of life.

Onyx has two parents who are together which is all my dad asked me to do (RIP). He said Having a Bday photoshoot party tomorrow june 10th. All my loved ones are invited......ill be DMing the addy directly allday......anyone else that wants to be their if you catch this post just comment

Choreographer, dancer, rapper, actor, and music producer Flii Stylz began his entertainment career at the age of four as a dancer in his hometown of East Oakland, California. By the time he was five he was in his first dance competition, pitted against kids twice and three times his age. And even though many of his opponents were older and more experienced, the little boy born Anwar Burton managed to come in third place. After relocating to Richmond, California, Flii branched out and started rapping. By the time he was in the 8th grade he was a part of Housing Authority, one of the Bay's elite underground hip hop collectives.

Flii's talents have earned him several accolades including Best Choreography at the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards for Chris Brown’s “Turn Up the Music,” as well as American Choreography Awards for Usher's "You Don't Have to Call" and Missy Elliot's "Pass That Dutch". Flii also co-wrote and co-starred in Usher's "Rhythm City Vol. 1: Caught Up". As a vocalist, Flii’s rap talents can be heard in David LaChappelle’s film “Rize”

Flii’s immense talents have caused the entertainment industry’s biggest and brightest to gravitate towards him- including powerhouse performers like Usher, Chris Brown, Jennifer Lopez, Christina Aguilera, Jesse McCartney, Ke$ha, Rita Ora, and many more.  Flii’s choreography for Chris Brown’s “Wall to Wall” garnered him an MTV Award nomination as well as a special Choreography Media Honor.

Flii has choreographed for multiple live tours such as Chris Brown’s Carpe Diem tour, Sevyn Streeter's US tour, Chris Brown’s Between The Sheets Tour, and most recently Ester Dean’s Europe Tour.

When not choreographing, Flii has spent time in front of the camera on such shows as CSI, The Shield, and Boston Public.