Flii Stylz

Lets see if views out weigh likes in a IG post. #experimentalpost Went well... I had fun. #iheartradio #weekend #vegas #fhb If you grew up in a lot of dysfunction your only goal is to be the parent you needed. Money don't make you a great dad......time does. #create They rarely see me at work. I mind my Buissness, and never show people till its to late to hate. I don't have a lane I own the Freeway. #FHB #InTheMoment #madestar #fliisup #choreography #creative Full moon tonight y'all..... let's go. Two of the greatest.... #fliisup @blocteachla @blocla had a great time teaching at Purdue university.
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#madestar Meet #BIGS. 
Can't wait to get this bloodline.We do this dog thing round here....
Shout out to #beastybullies #welcome2dabay #imhome #120pounds  #bluepit #fliisup #speedbag 😂 Paco the pit Bullie! 6 figure bloodline
Puppies 10k allday..... My daughter will have one to grow up with....yea dat.
#bullies #bulldog #pitbull #welcome2dabay #fliistylz #fliisup #A5 🤖 When I was building my style, I wouldn't pay attention to artists that did not dance. You had to be a fresh story teller or I didn't care.
These two had no problem holding my attention. @danadanemedia @therulernyc #respect #hiphop #legends 
I was actually in the hallway for the BlackAlbum movie when @therulernyc put all those chains around @realghostfacekillah neck before he went on stage. Im gone tell my daughter those stories. 
#hiphopforever #shutup #fliilyfetv #fliilyfe these were fun rehearsals......good energy. Yea dat. #Fliisup #FliiShit 
Flii wit two eyes means we can see you but you can't see us. My gift is rhythm but sound is my vice. When I was just a lil B-Boy rappin and doing graffiti these two made mean wanna say somn wit substance. 🗣

Choreographer, dancer, rapper, actor, and music producer Flii Stylz began his entertainment career at the age of four as a dancer in his hometown of East Oakland, California. By the time he was five he was in his first dance competition, pitted against kids twice and three times his age. And even though many of his opponents were older and more experienced, the little boy born Anwar Burton managed to come in third place. After relocating to Richmond, California, Flii branched out and started rapping. By the time he was in the 8th grade he was a part of Housing Authority, one of the Bay's elite underground hip hop collectives.

Flii's talents have earned him several accolades including Best Choreography at the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards for Chris Brown’s “Turn Up the Music,” as well as American Choreography Awards for Usher's "You Don't Have to Call" and Missy Elliot's "Pass That Dutch". Flii also co-wrote and co-starred in Usher's "Rhythm City Vol. 1: Caught Up". As a vocalist, Flii’s rap talents can be heard in David LaChappelle’s film “Rize”

Flii’s immense talents have caused the entertainment industry’s biggest and brightest to gravitate towards him- including powerhouse performers like Usher, Chris Brown, Jennifer Lopez, Christina Aguilera, Jesse McCartney, Ke$ha, Rita Ora, and many more.  Flii’s choreography for Chris Brown’s “Wall to Wall” garnered him an MTV Award nomination as well as a special Choreography Media Honor.

Flii has choreographed for multiple live tours such as Chris Brown’s Carpe Diem tour, Sevyn Streeter's US tour, Chris Brown’s Between The Sheets Tour, and most recently Ester Dean’s Europe Tour.

When not choreographing, Flii has spent time in front of the camera on such shows as CSI, The Shield, and Boston Public.