Marty Kudelka

Happy birthday to this guy @ivankoumaev !!!!! I am beyond proud of how hard he worked to get to where he is at now.....enjoy this nice lil Stub Hub throwback. Phil is back!!!! πŸ’€ The ole pig races at the pumpkin patch with flag girl @sweetlillu 
Letting us know that A lil Troll-A-Ween at the Kudelka's. Concept by @sweetlillu About last week.....cheat codes. @mrkudelka @dianamatos @ivankoumaev @mattywordup @karonlynntv @mdcdance Someone is starting to drop dimes!!! @sweetlillu ☝🏼😳 Thanks for everyone who came out last night. That was fun. @ivankoumaev @natgilmore @mattywordup @karonlynntv @max__pham @mdcdance @blocla Yep @mdcdance Tomorrow at 4:30pm at @mdcdance !!! Jodeci round 2. @mrkudelka @mattywordup @natgilmore @missoph22 @ljducos @mdcdance @blocla @realjohnnygill22 Just a super loose Saturday. Some friendly sparring outside of Legoland. And someone named Tomorrow night at 7:30pm at @mdcdance Till next time Charlottesville. ✊🏼 This just melted my heart. Thanks for making this happen @natgilmore and @sweetlillu . Our lil munchkin signing into her first casting yesterday. Thanks uncle @ivankoumaev for taking her. Now let's get that paper!!!! Sometimes when you have to change staging at the last minute, you have to figure out some creative ways to help everyone out. This being a perfect example. @mrkudelka @ajharpold featuring @misszenya πŸŽ₯ by @justintimberlake @thetnkids Well.....that was really really really cool @rockinrio !!!
@justintimberlake @thetnkids @ajharpold Well.....that was cool @rockinrio !!!
@justintimberlake @thetnkids @ajharpold What rhymes with 2-0.......I am a f**kin champion!!!!!! @itcfantasyfootball

Marty Kudelka is Justin Timberlake's exclusive choreographer and artistic director, having choreographed numerous performances.  Most recently, the opening Oscar-nominated hit song "Can't Stop The Feeling" performance which Marty was the film choreographer for "Trolls." He is a five time MTV Video Award Nominee for Best Choreography in a Music Video and Winner of the 2013 and 2007 MTV VMA for best choreography in Justin's videos "Suit & Tie" and "My Love." His resume includes pop artists such as Mariah Carey, Pink, Janet Jackson, One Direction, Jason Derulo, The Backstreet Boys, The Jacksons, Jennifer Lopez and New District.

His other credits include choreography for commercial ad campaigns like, Target, Tommy Hilfiger, Coca-Cola, Old Navy, McDonald's, Citroen, Wild Turkey and Stuart Weitzman.  Also, Marty's work has been featured on Dancing with the Stars and So You Think You Can Dance.