Marty Kudelka

Today was my lil munchkins first day of kindergarten. I can't believe how fast time flies and can't believe that she is turning into a lil lady so fast. I am beyond proud of her and sad that I couldn't be there to take her today. BUT, I know she was the best student she could be, and that's all I can ask for. Facts, this Thursday the 17th will be the first time @davidmooretv , @ivankoumaev and myself @mrkudelka will teach in Austin , TX!!! My birthplace too!!! Let's do this ish!!! Thanks for hooking it up @erickyanezzz . Register at 541dance.com
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Marty Kudelka is Justin Timberlake's exclusive choreographer and artistic director, having choreographed numerous performances.  Most recently, the opening Oscar-nominated hit song "Can't Stop The Feeling" performance which Marty was the film choreographer for "Trolls." He is a five time MTV Video Award Nominee for Best Choreography in a Music Video and Winner of the 2013 and 2007 MTV VMA for best choreography in Justin's videos "Suit & Tie" and "My Love." His resume includes pop artists such as Mariah Carey, Pink, Janet Jackson, One Direction, Jason Derulo, The Backstreet Boys, The Jacksons, Jennifer Lopez and New District.

His other credits include choreography for commercial ad campaigns like, Target, Tommy Hilfiger, Coca-Cola, Old Navy, McDonald's, Citroen, Wild Turkey and Stuart Weitzman.  Also, Marty's work has been featured on Dancing with the Stars and So You Think You Can Dance.