Meghan Manning

north east sister trip w @bridgetmanning ☁️☁️☁️ Shippin off 2 BOS 🍀😛 white hot LA summer 💦 Happy Birthday @dippedingold 🤙🏼✨☁️ Here's to the questions from the D train at 21 being semi answered (but also not at all). Thank you for letting me take pics of you all the tim3. #dreams05 #toobusytrappin #summersnax Happy National dance day!! Follow ya dreams 🌙🙆🏻☁️ (📸 @kevinzacher ) I have cute friends / @aqualillies shoot w @ehartvig 💦🌼🌱 8.7 mil views on YouTube! Running NY w @acrecreative dream team, director @caseybrooks_ choreographer @mishayyyy / @byrontittle and dancers @katcdiaz @mishayyyy @ebbie.jasmine_ @aishimatsu @mikkimichelle @majakeresh for @aeropostale @seriouslystretchy jeans 👖☁️ 💘 @blocnyc @rhyemusic - Please music video is out! This one was an absolute pleasure to shoot. Talk about a room full of gorgeous generous artists. Thank You to @rhyemusic, @gene.vi.eve, choreographer @lisa_eaton_themadpursuit, fellow dancers @erinsmurray @briannapavon @jamiendonovan @gina.gonsalves, and always @blocla. Back 2 CA. ☁️✨ Hiiii Pittsburgh we're home 👧🏻👩🏻! ♡ today and everyday looking up to my dad. Grateful to get to dance for a living. (Also, you can take the girl out of Pittsburgh but.. 💛♡) Thank you @dswshoelovers @acrecreative @dominicmuller @kshaffes for having me this week. Feels like home-ish. ♡✨👡 fresh classics thanks to @nikelosangeles ♡🏅💌 You can be a lady and an athlete 😛 romance on the 101 🥀 calm before the @aqualillies storm this week 🌹📸 @c_niiis (aka life is good when your job is to swim and dance around with your friends ♡) Happy Mother's Day Momma 💘 K jazz 88.1 all day all night

Meghan Manning, born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA, graduated from Point Park University with a BA in Dance. While in college, she worked as a professinal dancer on networks such as ABC Family and Nickelodon. Upon graduation, Meghan moved to New York City, where she performed as both a Brooklyn Nets NBA dancer, and a dancer in the MET Opera Ballet Company. Since moving to Los Angeles, Meghan has appeared in multiple commercials for brands such as Levi’s and Aeropostale, and performed in the 88th annual OSCARS with the Weeknd. Meghan lives by the motto ‘Over prepare, then go with the flow.’