Ashanti Ledon

What you chose to focus on will always manifest and Energy is transferable. I just wanted to send these positive vibes as we start our week. Hopefully it brings a smile to your face. ❗️Tag a friend❗️
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Song: @maleekberry - #bendit
Dancers: @starr_teee x @iamledon (Myself)
Choreography: @iamledon (Myself) 🎥: @gatowaye (Cameo at the end😂)
Rocking that @junkbrands bandana 🙏🏽 go check em out! 
@nweworldwide @chopdaily @afrobea @afroentertainers @eddy_morningstar Pt2. 
Pure freestyle/vibes/feeling... our connection is so real! Never know what eachother is going to do but somehow always connected. 🙏🏽❤️ btw she’s teaching this again today at millennium 🙏🏽
Song: @realpopcaan - #addicted 
Dancers : @real_laurecourtellemont x @iamledon (Myself) 
Choreography: @real_laurecourtellemont 🎥: @mamadouxx 
@nweworldwide @afroentertainers @afrobea @chopdaily @eddy_morningstar Part 1-This class shows me every time how much of a Force I am and how much I have in me that I don’t even know... thank you @real_laurecourtellemont for always giving me that reminder! And seeing in me what I don’t even see ❤️🙏🏽
Song: @realpopcaan - #addicted 
Dancers : @real_laurecourtellemont x @iamledon (Myself) 
Choreography: @real_laurecourtellemont 🎥: @mamadouxx 
@nweworldwide @afroentertainers @afrobea @chopdaily @eddy_morningstar Gods setting me up for the major win✨
And I’m bringing along those who never gave up on me🙏🏽❤️ From the audition to the set! Wanted to give a shout out to these talented young ladies for bringing @frankgatson ‘s vision and my choreography to life! We worked hard and had fun in the process! Thankful for the opportunity and the experience. Go check out the video! 
Sophia grace -why u mad 
It’s Only the beginning ✨✨ #donseason
@nicolelaeno @indigocarey @sammyb143 @alenagarver_dance @janai_olive_rose_johnson @kayplovesdance @therealsophiagrace @frankgatson Aye guys go check out @therealsophiagrace new video I had the honor of working with her and choreographing the video! Directed by the OG @frankgatson thank you for the opportunity and Also big shout outs to my big bro @chrisgranted giving me the opportunity to take this job over! 🙏🏽✨ #donseason Who knows what video this is Paying homage to? 
Loved paying homage to an era that birthed me and still fuels my soul creatively 🙏🏽❤️
Check out my bro @sirelijahblake new video #technicolor featuring these amazing dancers and myself with choreography/creative direction from my big bro @chrisgranted I tend to forget to post moments but Grateful to have gotten the opportunity to meet and work with this beautiful spirit 🙏🏽❤️ @traceeellisross (ps we look related) #blackish Aye go check out  first episode of blackish you might see a familiar face! lol never limit what you can do! Thanks to my bro @pesantemikey for making it happen. I've been dying to post this epic moment with the one and only @jeniferlewisforreal 🙏🏽 and the dope choir! #inthesestreets @4everbrandy  @theshaderoom 
@chloe_c_s @navamorris @juneau_lake @aphrodottie1 @jarrettamjohnson @mscr0ss When you know god has amazing thing cooking up 🙏🏽✨❤️ Quick lil freestyle with my favorite ❤️ Song: @burnaboygram x @julsbaby_ #yuhbody
Dancers: @real_laurecourtellemont x @iamledon (myself)
@afrobea @afroentertainers @chopdaily @nweworldwide Gods plan for me is bigger than anything I could imagine.. 🙏🏽❤️✨ Morning vibes #flowinfridays Here's a Rap I wrote on one of @musiqsoulchild new tracks! The album is dope! Hope you feel it ✊🏽
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🎥: @darnellwhitejr 🙏🏽 @bklyn_feature @astoldbyli @mayakabigail @chancetherapper @joeybadass
@thabestrappers @lit_rappers I trust you 🙏🏽 ✨✨✨ This class was pure fun 🙏🏽 and great vibes dancing next to friends 🙏🏽🙌🏽✨
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Song: @badbusinessjunior - #lovewitdamoney
Dancers: @darnellwhitejr x @amandagrind x @iamledon (myself)
Choreography: @_jjenks 🎥: @tmillytv
@chopdaily @danceon @hitthatbitforthegram @populardancetrends @officialdances Honestly I think being an artist is in my future.. I just rap and sing  for fun right now but maybe one day...🙏🏽❤️✨ young king in the making 🤴🏽🗽 Tag a friend ‼️‼️
#ayooo #pause #temporarypost #rachett 
When you and your friends are all fools!! #forthedickchallenge w. @mizzk.o @ebbie.jasmine_ @tangoleadaz 
@balleralert @theshaderoom @worldstar @ratchetv_
@blameitonkway @lalasizahands89 @jstlbby @erykahbadu @ratchetpeoplemeet @callmejaywill Just Part 1 for now! Train with the best and you will become the best! Thank you for the challenge and push @real_laurecourtellemont together we make 🙏🏽✨✨✨✨✨
Song: @burnaboygram x @julsbaby_ #yuhbody
Dancers: @real_laurecourtellemont x @iamledon (myself)
Choreography: @real_laurecourtellemont 
@afrobea @afroentertainers @chopdaily @nweworldwide Coming to LA I didn't know what god had in store for me at all but this moment right here was just a testimony to how far I've come! to be around people who Ive looked up to and now call family just felt amazing 🙏🏽❤️ #team #fam Watch me soar 🦅✊🏽

Born in Brooklyn new york Ashanti McIntosh always had a passion for dance and performing. At a young age he would put on shows for his family and whoever was around and it was clear that this was something he would end up doing. After a year of college he decided that he would rather pursue dancing and at the age of 18 started his training at broadway dance center taking classes and because of hardwork and dedication had the privilege to travel around the u.s and overseas, dance for major artists and work with some of the top choreographers. Its only the beginning of his career and he's ready to work hard to make his dreams come true.