Clarys Biagi

I am from Paris, France. I started dance very early at 4 years old with ballet, jazz and eventually other styles such as modern, hip hop, African, voguing...
I've always been inspired by American culture, especially music & dance. I got to tour for one of the main pop French artist Shy'm and build my experience. As I've always though about it, I decided to challenge myself leave my home  and try my hand in Los Angeles.
I've been lucky enough to dance for Beyoncé, Usher, Pharrell Williams, Kanye West, Adam Lambert ... My experience allowed me also to tie in to my love of fashion & club culture and I've been lucky enough to to do some hybrid shows where I've modeled/danced such as at the recent CFDA-Vogue Magazine event where I vogued/walked and  for the Best Designer awardees, Gypsy Sport.