Dakota Adan

In a world of roses, we were the wildflowers...
@taylorsaxelby @bc_serna @nicolebalsamophoto @tyfrench #tribe #tigereyes As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend. -Proverbs 27:17
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#tigereyes @bettywho has new music coming out! Thank you to @joseomar for bringing me out to capture the behind the scenes story.
I won't lie the music is bomb so check out the new album! The two most powerful warriors are patience and time. -Leo Tolstoy Sabbath is my rebellious act against the tyranny of the hustle. #tigereyes
For one day a week I lay it all down to remind my soul that I am more than my successes and my failures. The big question is whether you are going to be able to say a hearty yes to your adventure. -Joseph Campbell No matter where you're from, your dreams are valid. -Lupita Nyong'o
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Thanks @bc_serna for the footage and to my best friend @taylorsaxelby for being in my life! #tigereyes #tigertribe I can be changed by what happens to me. But I refuse to be reduced by it. -Maya Angelou
#tigereyes A tree with strong roots laughs at storms. -Malay Proverb It's the little things...
Big thanks to @taylorsaxelby @deirdrebarnes @ryanmkolton @nicolebalsamophoto  My tribe! Who wants to be in the next one? #tigereyes #tigertribe May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears. -Nelson Mandela
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Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you; spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life. -Amy Poehler
Thank you for being my inspiration and my tribe When the streets ain't safe...
LA never ceases to surprise me with its hidden gems.
Choreographed and danced by the #bandanabroz @jaefusz @lakesmits Favorite animal?
For me it's my butterfly spirit guide. If you could only take one person on an adventure who would it be? Tag them!
On this adventure to Alaska I had my sister by my side :) #brotherbear #sistermoose #homyna While in Thailand I had the privilege of working with @elephantjunglesanctuary to film these amazing creatures.
Unfortunately the elephant population in Thailand is not what it used to be and some estimate less than 8,000 elephants are left in the whole country.  The majority of these elephants are domesticated and used in the tourism industry which often subjects them to mistreatment.  The Elephant Jungle Sanctuary is a unique organization in that they provide a place where the elephants can freely and safely roam and tourists have the opportunity to interact with the elephants in a ethically sound way.
I loved everything about my trip to Thailand and encourage anyone with the opportunity to go to visit.  And when you do, please do some research before and do not invest in the abuse of these amazing animals. Where we put our money speaks, and that small exercise of choice is what makes a real difference. I still can't believe I got to see the monarch migration in Mexico. Another thing crossed off the bucket list! What should I do next???

Dakota began his performance career at the age of 18 as one of the youngest members of the professional hip hop troupe: Culture Shock Los Angeles.  As a live performer, Dakota took to stages around the country in that time and eventually moved on to perform with  Disney at the Disneyland Resort, with the Bollywood Company Karmagraphy and also with the newly formed performance branch of Muse Dance Company.  Besides live performances, Dakota has been featured in Music Videos for Viennie V, Ryan Adames and Gina Starbuck as well as on national television, on shows like ABC Family's Bunheads, the MTV hit show America's Best Dance Crew and the Vegas Callbacks of So You Think You Can Dance.  All this while creating a name for his own creative movement at studios around the country, and at top dance schools like the Claire Trevor School of the Arts at UCI.  After having danced with top brands in the industry like Adidas, Disney, Vans, Warner Brothers, and Reebok, Dakota made the move from his hometown of San Diego to Los Angeles where he has begun a career modeling, acting, and writing as a reporter for Entertainment Scoop.