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Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray. -Rumi #tigereyes
I have always loved telling stories, and listening to stories of far off places and adventures to be had. (Ask my sister about my first story about a mountain story)
And with my camera and the wide open road calling, this map becomes more and more of a suggestion than a guide.
I hope wherever you are reading this that you find your adventure. It's different for all of us, but that special thing that calls you, as Rumi said, will not lead you astray. Those secret dreams you harbor are the seeds of your journey.
There will be work for sure (ask any farmer). But when you're doing what you love it never quite feels like work, but a labor of love.
A poet once told me to One can never pay in gratitude; one can only pay 'in kind' somewhere else in life. -Anne Morrow Lindbergh
I met a friend in Egypt who told me a story of a childhood dream to see and travel the United States. He is a man now. And life has not afforded him the opportunity to experience the country I can all too easily take for granted.
As an adventurer and a traveler I'm embarking on a dream for a friend with a cast of new friends along for the ride.
Called the mother highway of America, Route 66 is a road that traverses Santa Monica on the west all the way to Chicago on the east, and to my New Egyptian comrade, this one is for you. I started in Santa Monica yesterday and am embarking on an epic journey to see the country I call home.
Some adventures take you to far away lands, others to familiar places that have long been overlooked. Follow me and my brothers on the road @sergejohnson @ryanmkolton @danielbetan as we take across America in search of the beauty in our own backyards.
Thank you to @heelysworldwide for keeping the good times rolling and to the amazing @sergejohnson for capturing this moment from the road.
#heelystakesroute66 #whywalk Jobs fill your pocket but adventures fill your soul. -Jaime Lyn #tigereyes
It is with so much excitement I am proud to announce the release of my new travel blog Thetigermap.com
What started as videos to preserve memories, and share moments with friends and family back home has become a tribe of amazing humans who see life as the adventure it should be.
I will still be posting to IG and to my YouTube channel (which if you haven't checked it out definitely do!) but The Tiger Map will be the place where the photos, the videos, my thoughts and yours will live.
Let me know in the comments what kind of things you would like me to post about on the blog:
Itinerary ideas
Advice on where to stay/what to do
Behind the scenes stories
Lessons learned
You tell me 😄
I am so excited for this new chapter and I have so many amazing things in the pipeline to share with you guys so STAY TUNED!
The biggest thank you to @israelunlimited for being source of this video and all the adventures in it! I can't wait to come back and explore with you again! And if you're going on a trip to Israel soon, Aviv is your man! I do not understand the mystery of grace -- only that it meets us where we are but does not leave us where it found us. -Anne Lamott
I'm traveling the way I have been blessed to I realize how much bigger the blessing is with every place I go. I was born into a country and a time that allow me so much freedom. Not because I have any special merit, it is grace.
Someone recently asked me what my motives were for doing what I do. And to some people traveling and making videos for social media may seem like such an obnoxious thing; but as I take in beautiful places with my lens my thoughts are not on myself.
I think of you. The one reading this. And how for maybe 60 seconds I can take you around the world. I can share the privilege of being in these wonderful places.
I have been blessed with 1000 fold more than I deserve and as the scripture says, Life can't give to you if your hands are closed. -Louise Hay
What's one thing you would ask for if you were just brave enough to do it?
I've been learning a lot lately about the beauty, simplicity, and the sacredness of the request.
Asking makes no assumptions, it does not presume entitlement, it respects the right of each person to choose.  There's nothing magical about it, but lately I have been living off the generosity of the most amazing people I meet.  All because I just asked.
There is enough good in this big world that there is no need to live with clenched fists.
Open hands, open mind, open heart. There is no plan B. -my mom
#tigereyes #thetigermap
My mom told me this on several occasions and still reminds me of it today. Life is going to take some twists and turns. Some things are not going to work out like you planned but there is no plan B on this journey.
My mom would relay how silly I was to worry; that my creator was not panicking and that neither should I. But this too is a practice. Old habits die hard. And worry is an old friend of mine.
But if this last month has taught me anything (and it has taught me a lot) it is to leave worry out of it.
I've planned and watched things crumble, I've made mistakes and watched relationships mend, I've been kind and been repaid in cruelty, but in all things I sense the serendipity.  I can faintly hear the whispers of a plan and a path that is not beyond redemption.
I wish I could tell my past self how wonderfully things were going to unfold, but I have to stick with remembering in the moment.
It would be naive to say that things will not go awry in life, but it would be just as naive to say that when they do it's the end.
You are still on a beautiful path.
There is no plan B. Man sacrifices his health in order to make money. Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health. And then he is so anxious about the future that he does not enjoy the present; the result being that he does not live in the present or the future; he lives as if he is never going to die, and then dies having never really lived. -The Dalia Lama
What struck me first was meeting with the kind staff that work at this lovely place. I was told that while they can do physical training and boot camps for anyone who wants it their focus is on wholistic wellness and care of the soul.
Those were the magic words and I knew I would enjoy my time.
I met yoga instructors for morning classes by the ocean, an ex professional Muay Thai fighter who rekindled my love of martial arts, but most of all I loved the serene stillness of this place that allows even my loud thoughts to grow quiet and my spirit to speak.
Our body is our little power pack for how we interact with the world, and it houses our soul. Both need love, compassion and care.
Still can't thank you enough for the lovely stay @amatararesort @theasia.collective They say saltwater is the cure for everything. Sweat, tears, or the ocean are life's panacea. #tigereyes
There's something about being by the ocean that brings me such peace and joy. It doesn't matter what kind of day your having, I promise the ocean makes everything better. And if you can find a beach with just you and your thoughts, you've found paradise.
Where do you go to find yourself when you get a little lost?
Thanks again to @amatararesort for facilitating a time of searching, finding and healing. @theasia.collective I came into the world with nothing, so every moment since has been a gift. #tigereyes
Sitting at the waters edge, overlooking where the ocean and the sand meet, listening to the waves wash away all doubt. The life I live is wonderfully blessed.
To be able to sit and ponder in such a perfect place, while the water playfully reflected the sky. What a gift.
Today I got to speak to two wonderful humans, on different parts of the planet, and from different worlds. One a storyteller for the globe (@glographics), the other an epic artist painting on the human canvas (@henn.drawn).
Both had lessons of love to teach me. Even in the hustle and the struggle of their respective journeys, their joy and mirth for their own walk reminds me of how blessed I am to lead the life that I do.
No matter where you are in your journey let your gratitude bring you joy, and your joy bring you courage.
What a privilege it was to meet you, what a life we get to live!
Thank you for the quiet moments of gratitude @amatararesort And @theasia.collective Small channels flow noisily, the great flow silent. Whatever’s not full makes noise. Whatever is full is quiet. -The Buddha #tigereyes
Peace and joy are the hallmarks of a full soul.
I can always tell how I'm doing spiritually by how well I can sit silently and do nothing. No chasing after things. Just being.
I cannot will myself to peace, I cannot will joy; but I can choose to do the things and be with the people that fill my cup.
Thank you to Hong Kong for an amazing day of adventure and exploration. I thought I didn't like big cities till I walked your streets!
Thank you to @i_brandonbryant for being my adventurer in crime for the day! And thank you to every single person in my #tigertribe who comes along on this crazy journey! You push and inspire me to keep creating. You fill my cup!
#thetigermap If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete. -Jack Kornfield
Showing up at this place I was greeted warmly and reminded simply: to take care of my soul.
I had been running around like crazy and a strange thing happens to me when I am not allotting myself the proper care. I become fatigued, negative, less creative, and less connected. These are all the signs of a tree not cared for.
So today's message goes like this. Take care of your tree. The good tree cannot bear bad fruit and trying to force it is like tying fruit to the branches.
Thank you for being a place of wellness and wholeness, and a refuge for this weary traveler @amatararesort
@theasia.collective When was the last time you stepped out of your comfort zone?
I love going on adventures but staying in Phuket at the @twinpalmsphuket_official was the first time I traveled on an adventure like this by myself.
I have the same physiological reaction as anyone else. Some people just call it nerves, I recognize it as excitement.
Can you guess where I am headed next?
Thank you to all of you guys reading this for keeping me company on my travels, and thank you to @twinpalmsphuket_official and @theasia.collective for making my stay simply wonderful. Be present in all things and thankful for all things. -Maya Angelou
When I was young, growing up in a quiet beach town in San Diego, I lived so close to the beach I could walk there. Both my parents often reminded me of this fact. But of course, something that special, when so readily available, was squandered in those years and I regret not taking the walk down to the shore.
As an adult now, traveling to beaches across the world, I hope to not lose the priceless opportunity to walk to the sand, and watch the sky turn gold as the sun dips below the horizon.
As I watched this sunset I sent my dad a message of appreciation (it was actually Father's Day for me but it wasn't for him yet). I am so grateful to have him still around to say I love him, but I wish I would have taken to the beach with him (and my mom) a few more times while I still lived at home.
Wherever you are, whatever you life looks like, don't let these little moments pass you by.  One day you will realize they were a source of real joy, and not so little after all.
@twinpalmsphuket_official @theasia.collective thank you for allowing me to relive this simple pleasure.
#theasiacollective Muddy water, when let stand, becomes clear. -Lao Tzu
Today when I was on a kayak in a beautiful lagoon surrounded my massive limestone cliffs (video to follow) my guide asked we take a minute of silence. Not out of grief or loss but to find something that only appears in the silence.
When I came home to @twinpalmsphuket_official in the afternoon I couldn't have been more grateful to extend my minutes of quiet reflection. Practicing presence, and letting the water just settle.
When was the last time you just sat with only the gentle sounds of nature?
@theasia.collective Never lose the opportunity to see anything beautiful, for beauty is God's handwriting. -Emerson #thetigermap
It's only my first day back in Phuket and I am still just as surprised at the beauty of this place and the people. Everyone at The Twin Palms has thoroughly distracted this busy body and reminded me what life is like without hurry and with intention.
I've eaten every meal on the shore and am starting to wonder why all meals aren't served adjacent to the ocean.
I am so happy to be back in Thailand.  The wonderful humans here are on a different time zone, they are not hours forward or back but perfectly present. And that, friend's, is what I intend to be!
Huge thank you to @patriciatsai over at @theasia.collective for connecting me to @twinpalmsphuket_official Tag someone you would go with!
#tigereyes #tigertribe
I only had a little time in Taipei and wanted to see a different side of Taiwan. Scenic tea plantations laid out against thousand island lake, and a volcanic national park provided just that.
Such untouched beauty made the whole journey worth every step, and on top of that a natural and wild hot spring was icing on the cake.
The crazy part is, I almost didn't even go. It was supposed to rain (which it did) and I was having a really tough day. But those really are the times to lean into the adventure called life and find the places, people and things that bring you real joy.
I couldn't help but laugh as I walked back to the main road soaked from the rain and saturated to the bone with joy. Feed your soul, and feed that joy because it's paramount to your healthy flourishing and the gifts you will leave the world.
Joy is the serious business of heaven. -CS Lewis You were wild once. Don't let them tame you. -Isadora Duncan #tigereyes
Today I hiked into the jungles of Taiwan to get to a wild hot spring. It's not connected to a resort or a spa, just an active volcano supplying hot water.
There's something so beautiful and almost sacred about a place in its natural state. No neon signs, just a trailhead and an adventure to be had. And my favorite part might have actually been walking back through the forest in the warm summer rain.  It's all part of the journey and I'm still constantly learning how to stop fretting and enjoy it more.
Inordinate worrying is worshipping the problem, it's trying to control outcomes when they belong with God. As soon as you can remember that your back on an adventure and where the wild things are. Worry will tame you faster than your problems will.
#tigertribe #staywild Ready to win something amazing? I'm hosting a contest with @statebags!

The past week has been such a whirlwind. Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Seoul, and tomorrow I travel again.
I've been proudly living out of my @statebags backpack and it feels so good knowing that by buying one backpack I am also supporting at risk children. And as part of our #ivegotyourback campaign they will be giving away a free backpack! All you have to do is follow them and tag someone who has had your back and @statebags will cover yours!
Me and some of the amazing cast will be announcing the winner in a couple days on their story! So stay tuned! Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing's going to get better. It's not. -The Lorax #tigereyes #thetigermap
Happy World Oceans Day! (It's also my mom's birthday ❤ I love you mom!)
Growing up by the beach made the ocean a given in my life. I have so many memories in the waves, on the sand and especially in any special spot in a lagoon.
You all know I love trees but people are often surprised to learn that most of our oxygen comes from marine plants and absorb heat and carbon combating global warming. The oceans are the life blood of our planet and we have to take care of her. Less plastic products, less carbon emissions, and more sustainable choices are our rent for living on this beautiful blue planet.
The ocean was a given in my life growing up, I want it to be for generations to come.
#turnitblue #worldoceansday You could search the whole world and you would still be hard pressed to find a wonder as beautiful as friendship. #tigereyes
I had only hours to explore the beautiful city of Kyoto and I am already itching to go back. I made plans to travel and see some of the most iconic sites but was blessed enough on this day to have 7 amazing friends with me.
Each of these special souls means so much to mean in their own unique way. Whether it's their humor, their grace, their selfless nature, or their joy, I love each and every one of them.
Your tribe determines so much in your life so when you find the brilliant humans who make your life radiant, hold on.
Thank you for spending the day with me! I love you!
@williegomez @thepchu @zacbrazenas @gakenia3 @iamsarahmitchell @deirdrebarnes @i_brandonbryant

Dakota began his performance career at the age of 18 as one of the youngest members of the professional hip hop troupe: Culture Shock Los Angeles.  As a live performer, Dakota took to stages around the country in that time and eventually moved on to perform with  Disney at the Disneyland Resort, with the Bollywood Company Karmagraphy and also with the newly formed performance branch of Muse Dance Company.  Besides live performances, Dakota has been featured in Music Videos for Viennie V, Ryan Adames and Gina Starbuck as well as on national television, on shows like ABC Family's Bunheads, the MTV hit show America's Best Dance Crew and the Vegas Callbacks of So You Think You Can Dance.  All this while creating a name for his own creative movement at studios around the country, and at top dance schools like the Claire Trevor School of the Arts at UCI.  After having danced with top brands in the industry like Adidas, Disney, Vans, Warner Brothers, and Reebok, Dakota made the move from his hometown of San Diego to Los Angeles where he has begun a career modeling, acting, and writing as a reporter for Entertainment Scoop.