Dakota Smith

Born in 1988 in Anaheim, CA, Dakota Smith started his journey of life. After living in California for three years Dakota’s parents realized that they wanted to raise their children in another part of the country, closer to family.  The family decided to pick up and move to Louisville, KY.
In Louisville, Dakota started to play sports such as baseball and basketball as soon as the family got settled into their home. He played both sports at the Varsity level all throughout high school. It wasn’t until after he graduated that Dakota started to dance.
At the age of 18 years old Dakota went to his first nightclub where he saw people freestyle dancing and decided to learn how to dance. After meeting a few people they decided to start a crew and freestyle anywhere that was available to them, such as nightclubs, street corners, parking garages, the waterfront in Louisville, etc. 
After three years of dancing with his Kentucky Crew called Kaotick, Dakota met another group from Atlanta, GA named Royal Flush that asked him to move to GA and join their crew. Shortly after the move his new crew, Royal Flush, learned that they had made the show “America’s Best Dance Crew.” After being eliminated early in the show it was a great introduction into the Hollywood life and the Hollywood industry. Dakota began dancing not only with his crew , but also as his own independent contract dancer doing film work, commercial work, television shows, and dancing for small up coming artist.
Fast-forward almost 6 years of living in Atlanta, Dakota had worked with numerous artists, television shows, and films, he received the call of his life. It was a call that gave Dakota the opportunity to work on his dream job. Dakota packed his bags and at the age of 26 moved out to California to begin dancing with Chris Brown. He has now toured the world with the young hip hop artist, done multiple music videos, performed on different Award Shows, and been on some of the biggest festival stages in the world!
While being on the road with the talented Chris Brown he has also had time to perform with other amazing artist such as Gwen Stefani, Selena Gomez, Pharrell, Meghan Trainor and Sevyn Streeter. He has done movies such as Pitch Perfect 2, Anchorman 2, Alvin and the Chipmunks: Roadchip, Footloose and Billy Lynns Long Halftime Walk.
Now at the age of 29 Dakota still resides in North Hollywood, CA and is looking forward to the next upcoming years of his career!!!!