Dassy Lee

Inyoung “Dassy” Lee is an industry renowned dancer with countless years of industry leading experience and achievements. Her biggest career highlight was finishing in the Top 8 of contestants on the award-nominated TV program So You Think You Can Dance, which was a major honor for her career as a highly distinguished dancer. Some of her other career achievements and accomplishments include her work as a main dancer for a highly renowned Fitbit commercial, which was seen globally across countless networks as well as Timberland national commercial. She has performed at Carnival in pieces choreographed by the highly renowned Emilio Austin Jr. ‘Buddha Stretch’ and Angel Feliciano. Furthermore, She performed in Jonzi D’s Block Party and the Breakin Convention, where both took place at the world-famous Apollo Theatre. For her work as an industry celebrated dancer, She won 1st place at the esteemed Ladies of Hiphop 1 on 1 all style competition in New York, Floor the Love Competition in Locking and Popping in Singapore, 2nd place at the prestigious Last One Stands in Vancouver, Canada and so many more.