Erin Murray


Erin S. Murray is a director and choreographer based in Los Angeles. Her choreography merges a variety of dance influences without ignoring the profound expressive impact of the most pedestrian/human movements. She has created choreography for artists and brands including Athleta, Oculus, Ed Sheeran, Charli XCX, Amazon, MXMTOON, Muse, and Electrify America. Erin's work with motion capture gives her a sharp ability to synthesize dance and performance with technology. Her motion capture choreography for Ed Sheeran's 'Cross Me' music video, which fluidly vacillates between live action and augmented reality, was nominated for a Kinsale Shark Award in 2019. 

Erin's experience creating screen dance has made for an intuitive progression into directing. Her narrative dance film 'Hydra' was named Booooooom TV's Best Short Film of 2018. Erin's work as a director and choreographer on the 'Phenom' music video for Thao & The Get Down Stay Down in 2020 was widely praised for its "creative use of choreography and technology" and was featured in Fast Company, Variety, the Verge, and the Washington Post.

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