Greer Whillans

Hammock'ed Travel Buddies Buoy oh buoy Well, we did that. #famjam #flotillachillas #piratesfor5days #tossedemoverboard Ahoy! #flochilla North Beach Walk the plank ⚓️ Apparently they think Im funny... 😂 Peek-a-boo I scream, you scream, we all scream for ... 🍦 Vancouver I'm Teaching Today @harbourdance for the lovely @moebrody ! She's a new one to a great tune by @kacyhill called 'Foreign Fields' come thru, would love to see your gorgeous faces. Class starts at 615pm! Here's another one!
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Be part of us. #AHSCult Kitchen Chats Feelin' pretty lucky to do what I do.

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I just love how she interacted with these young dancers. 🙌 
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What a fun gig, thanks @karlwarden ! And... the Summer Tour begins, 👆🏻 up INFINITY DANCE CO in Lynden, WA! Wheeee heart is happy Puttin' in the work #zumazuma #nohos girl gang #nohos #20

Greer Whillans grew up dancing in a small town just outside of Toronto, Ontario. After graduating from the University of Victoria with a Bio-Psychology degree, she decided to switch it up and devote her energy towards pursuing a professional career in the entertainment industry. Greer is diversely trained in contemporary, ballet, jazz, hip hop, partnering, and contact improvisation. Though she can command the stage in solo performances, she loves team environments and artistic collaboration.

Greer also enjoys assisting many of the industry's top professionals in their endeavors, and worked alongside Alex Pesusich as assistant choreographer for Disney touring artist Desirae. Most recently Greer performed as a WE Day Dance Instructor in Vancouver, BC and for choreographer Paul Becker on Disney's original TV movie Girl vs. Monster. She has performed in industrials for Telus and the Times of India Film Awards.  Keep an eye out, for this up and coming “Commercial Queen” can be found in television ads for Bud-light, Verizon, Campbell's Soups, Kohler, and Mattel Games to name a few.  Her interest in modeling has landed her print work with leading brands Nike, Ford Mustang & Honda Acura. Greer's unique magnetism and memorable performances  on stage  has made her a recognizable name in the industry.