Jamie Donovan

JAMIE DONOVAN, a California native, has been a dancer since the age of three. Early in her dance life, Jamie began to train and compete at nationally acclaimed studios as well as assist choreographers across the country. These experiences led her to receive a full scholarship to Chapman University where she was able to further expand her dance education. Upon graduating with Bachelor’s of Arts degrees in Dance and Public Relations, Jamie decided to pursue her professional dance career in Los Angeles.

Since her move to LA, Jamie has danced for a varied group of creatives. From choreographers like Vincent Paterson, Marguerite Derricks, Ryan Heffington, Rich + Tone Talauega and Mandy Moore to music artists like Selena Gomez, Robin Thicke, Ricky Martin, BANKS and Massive Attack, she has been able to use her talent as a multifaceted entertainer in a wide range of projects. Her collection of professional credits also includes dance work for companies like Toyota and Nike as well as assistant choreography on So You Think You Can Dance.

Recently, Jamie has been able to broaden her evolution as a dance artist thanks to her time in Tracy Phillips & Dominic Carbone’s burlesque shows Harlow Goldand Blind Tiger. In addition to her presence in LA’s subversive club scene, Jamie has spent time exploring concert dance. She is proud to be a founding member of Denna Thomsen and Zak Ryan Schlegel’s LA-based company, AXIOM Dance Theatre, which provides audiences with an evocative performance theater experience based in contemporary dance.

Jamie currently enjoys performing in a neo-burlesque show every month at Harvard and Stone. She hopes her pursuits will continue to inspire the young dancers she teaches to believe their dreams can become their reality.