Justine Lutz

becoming more and more aligned • ✨ another clip dancing with some monsters @jamsvy @keanu.uchida @spensermyles // choreo: @teddyforance stay you in this crazy world 
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glam by @madeupbym reminder today: despite how open and loving you attempt to be people can only meet you as deeply as they've meet themselves
taken by the talented @barkerfoto I received such inspiration & happiness this past week for @teddyforance show thank you.. you are exceptional. got to dance with really incredible movers @jamsvy @keanu.uchida @spensermyles the cast was nuts grateful to be part of it! ••• @barkerfoto 
styled by me Thank you to everyone that came to my class yesterday! And to these beautiful movers dancing and pushing boundaries with me! @bjpaulin2 @elysandraq @denisedelaroche part 2 of my combo from last week and some freestyle! come to class tomorrow 3:30-5 at ML for new movement! 
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glam by @madeupbym Thank YOU to everyone that came out to both classes. I get loads of inspiration when I teach. It's a moment in time where we are all connected and rising to the challenge me included!!! Here is the first clip of my movement! Hope you enjoy! #justinelutz #jayylutz #choreography #dance 
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film •  @jordanlunsford striving for personal freedom not success ••• @barkerfoto ROUND 2 this saturday at ML 4:30-6:30PM this is just part of the movement come challenge yourself and sweat on a saturday with good vibes and good humans. dancing with one of my faves @kingkai.official 
music: operate @astrtv teaching TOMORROW (thurs) 2-3:30 at @mlthestudio come challenge yourself and move with me!!!! photo • @joseph_spelman 
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Justine Lutz moved to Los Angeles to pursue the commercial dance industry. Her TV credits include: FOX “Glee”, Disney “Liv & Maddie”, ABC’s “Suburgatory”, the American Music Awards, MTV Movie Awards, Radio Disney Music Awards, Much Music Awards, iHeart Radio Festival, the Teen Choice Awards, the Pan Armenian Entertainment  Awards, Indonesian Choice Awards, The Talk, and Ellen. Justine has been seen on Samsung and Fuller Mops Commercials. She has worked with Taylor Swift, Ke$ha, Pitbull, Ed Sheeran, Carrie Underwood, Charlie XCX, OMI, Tinashe, Ty Dolla $ign, Hailee Steinfeld, Dawin, Natalie LaRose, Jordan Fisher, Zedd, Paramore, and with Emmy Award winning cinematographer Vilmos Zsigmond in God The Father. She toured on iHeart Radio Jingleball with Hailee Steinfeld. Justine has danced in Wild For the Night 3D Movie directed by Casper Smart and Dance Camp film under Fatima Robinson. She also traveled on a International Promo Tour with Dawin. She has appeared in Natalie LaRose's "Somebody", Taylor Swift’s "Shake It Off", Ed Sheeran’s "Don't", Carrie Underwoods "Something In the Water", and Jordan Fisher's "All About Us" music videos. She has worked with NIKE and has modeled for multiple Dance Wear clothing lines. Justine toured with Shaping Sound the Dance Company in the US under Travis Wall. She just recently went on tour with Hailee Steinfeld on the Meghan Trainior's Untouchable Tour for the summer.