Katherine "Kat" Diaz

Oh snap! 🙆🏽 Lol check out the new #Kopiko commercial! Had soo much fun with this incredible cast!! Thank you soooo much to @hihatproductions @tyrelllatrina for the opportunity and for always being so GREAT to work with!! ❤️❤️🙏🏽
#kopiko#coffeecandy#thisreallywasfun#commercial#hihat#tyrelllatrina#katdiaz#nytola#bronxgirl When you TRULY love what you do, nothing or no one can take that away from you. Ever. ❤️❤️
#lovewhatido#itswhatkeepsmegoing#stayingtruetome#ihavethepower#latina#dominicana#nytola#idontgiveup#ifightharder 📷: @wes_klain NYC LADIES‼️ LIPSTICK DIARIES! An experience you CANNOT miss out on! 
@iliajessicacastro is who I began my heels journey with 3 years ago in NYC! I was attracted to all she exuded as a WOMAN and artist and just wanted more and more everytime I left her class!

I remember two years ago was my very first Lipstick Diaries I attended and it was for sure one of the best choices I made. Just to get the opportunity to learn from @iamtinalandon  @iamaishafrancis @tracyphillips66 and Jessica herself was enough to make me sign up! Women I looked up to and still look up to in this industry. One of the most valuable things I learned that still helps me today is the POWER of being a woman and an individual in my artistry. ❤️ It was also thanks to this experience that I was introduced to my dance mother @iamaishafrancis !!!❤️❤️❤️
So what are you waiting for???Brought to you by the one and only @iliajessicacastro (SHE HAS DONE IT ALL/ REAL GOALS!!!) this is 3 day heels/ industry intensive taking place NOV 10-12, but early sign up ends OCT 16 so you must act quick! PAYMENT PLANS AVAILABLE!! Private message Jessica!
#nyc#standup#actquick#investinyourself careers#howbaddoyouwantit #youhavetolearnfromthebesttobethebest#lipstickdiaries#lipstickdiariesnyc 🔳 Ok this was my favorite part!!! Ughhh just love this!!! This was our sound check run thru, and the fans were going off!
I'm on the right 😊
Thank you again @camila_cabello @calvitjr @sarabiv @fatima_noir @mariierose_ ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🏽🙏🏽
#camilacabello#camilacabellotoday#cryingintheclub#todayshow Today show!!!! This is the first of a couple of clips I wanna post! Lol @camila_cabello is just such a 🌟!! Thank you for having me!!❤️🙏🏽 dancing with my @mariierose_ to these 🔥🔥🔥 vibes and steps provided by @calvitjr and assisted by the best @sarabiv ! ❤️And of course creative on point thanks to @fatima_noir ❤️❤️❤️🙌🏽
#cryingintheclub#todayshow#camilacabello#howgorgeousisshe#andsohumble Ahhhhh!! East coast did you watch @camila_cabello KILL it??? #Havana is just 🔥🔥🔥
Almost your turn West coast!! Just wanna take a moment and thank the INCREDIBLE duo who made this all possible @calvitjr and @sarabiv ❤️❤️ you two are just magic! Thank you thank you for being so fun and amazing to work with! Also big thank you to @fatima_noir and the team of stylists who brought this vision to life! 
And last but not least thank you to my girl @mariierose_ for making this process that much sweeter! Can't wait to do this again!!😘😘❤️
#havana#jimmyfallon#tonightshow#camilacabello How I feel about performing on @jimmyfallon the Tonight show with @camila_cabello ! Tune in tonight!! So excited to perform alongside my girl @mariierose_ ❤️
#havana#ohnana#ireallylovethissong#nyc#wehere My love!! I love you so much!😩❤️
Happy 3 year Anni to us! It's been a wild ride, but I wouldn't want to know what it feels like with anyone but YOU ❤️. You know all that you mean to me. Missing you more than ever today, but looking at these pictures makes me feel like I'm cuddling next to you. Thank you for being everything and more to me. I loveeee youuu! 💑
#mylove#noonelikehim#oneofakind#nytola#doingthistogether ▪️Late night feels▪️
Throwback to one of my favorite movers ever @thederrellbullock Carnival piece in March! Loved everything about this! Thank you again for asking me to be a part! Miss you ❤️❤️❤️ #tb Control!! A Janet moment in @didntinviteme class! 
#comethru#nytola#trainingneverstops Rise and shine :) Happy Tuesday world! Let's continue to push for our dreams!❤️ 📷: @wes_klain Sunday feels provided by @noelbajandas ❤️
How I missed you! And this song was everything! MJ never fails 
#theking#debbiereynolds#sundayvibes Who, me?
📷: @wesklain
HMU: @makeupstaceface Girl squad!! Loveeed this class from @yanismarshall ❤️❤️
Had a cute little ratchet moment hahaha
Dancing with these beauties @stevielyne @kiiramharper 🔥🔥🔥
Song: My Neck My back by @khiathugmisses 
#myneck#myback#heels#millenium#nytola#latina#lovethissong#itsstilllit🔥 Had so much fun with this look!! I got to be my goofy self infused with everything else 😂
Photo by: @wes_klain
MUA: @makeupstaceface 
Styled by me :)
P.s. These have not even been retouched! Hola, me llamo Kat :) Shot by the one and only @wes_klain 
HMU: @makeupstaceface ❤️❤️ Preview from my shoot with the amazing @wes_klain 
Thank you so much!!!!
HMU: @makeupstaceface 
Styling: Me and @kendricksamuel 
Support system and everything else: @therealc_scott And @kendricksamuel 
#theresmoretocome#nytola#katdiaz#latina#dominicana @blocla Learning from @iamaishafrancis is something I will always cherish. Thank you for taking me under your wing and caring. LOVE YOU more than I could ever say.❤️❤️❤️ COME TAKE HER CLASS MONDAYS AND WEDNESDAYS at Evolution!!! 7-8pm and 8-9pm both days!
Song: Ok this is ROUGH so don't judge!!!!Dancing salsa with my uncles is way different!! Hahahhaaha, but I enjoyed every bit of learning the correct placement of the steps! I just love @carlos.i.007 ❤️❤️❤️ the talent is beyond but that heart is just so pure!! I love u always!! #hegotmetogether#on2#shit#lol#needthis#myarmplacementneedswork#alot#fuck#hahaha

Katherine Diaz is originally from the Bronx, New York. She was introduced to dance at a young age during family gatherings. There she learned how to dance salsa, merengue, and bachata, and would tirelessly dance the night away. That passion has since then driven her interest in various styles such as jazz, street-jazz, hip-hop, reggae, and more. In her young career she has had the opportunity to work alongside some of the best choreographers like Rich and Tone, Luam, Napoleon and Tabitha, Jermaine Browne, and Tanisha Scott to name a few. Some of her recent credits include the 2015 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, L’Oreal Paris Mascara Commercial with Jennifer Lopez, Netflix’s The Get Down, and Aeropostale Stretchy Jeans Campaign. Above all, Katherine is continuously reminded that passion always wins.