Lasoul was raised in Charlotte, NC. She moved to Arizona her freshman year of High School and it was then when she began to take an interest in dance. But before dance came along Lasoul’s passions started out with music. From the age of 9 she began to learn piano, moving on to the violin in middle school, and lastly learning the basics of the cello. In highschool she was active in her school’s creative programs such as Musical Theatre, Dance, Choir, and Show choir as well. She was the Assistant Music Director her Senior year because of her advanced education in music, and even directed her very own piece on about 30 girls to be performed for her schools showcase. She’s always had a strong passion for music, art, and film which ultimately led her to dance. Starting later than most Lasoul joined a small dance studio her senior year of high school, and while not having the usual required technical ability but the passion to dance she was then accepted into Edge Performing Arts Center’s well known scholarship program in 2018. Since the year long program, and after 3 years of living in LA and training under well known choreographers, including Tovaris Wilson, she has progressed in her dance training and since then worked with multiple artists such as Taylor Swift, Miguel, Finneas, and others along with choreographers Nina McNeely, Nolan Padilla, and Chris Scott.

Along with dance Lasoul has passions outside that world including singing, acting, choreographing and recently modeling as well. Ken takes pride in the work she does and enjoys every second of it. While having trained in many styles of dance Experimental Contemporary and Hip Hop are her two favorites. She has proven herself to be a hard working performer and is always looking for ways to grow. She is grateful for the friends in this industry who have taken a chance in her strives to prove herself every time.