Kerry Wee

Day 2: Ok, so we went there... #rollindeep #squadgoals with @nonnynonz @marisa424 Day 1: I'm gonna cry when I have to leave😥 but until then... Behind the scenes at today's photo shoot with @drewpluta at @dannydavalos82 #DTLA space. I am in ❤️ with this image because of the interesting shadow that was created. Styling: @vilacutem and Director: @rosesnoir Single leg plank series with the free leg in a tough booty strengthening position ➡️standing leg circle ➡️ triangle 🔼 😜How I whoop my own ass.... literally. It's so hard to get the hips into a technical plank position in this exercise. This girl ❤️ @stephspanski, I wish I was there for your big day. I'm so excited for you and grateful to be in your life. #lovewins 💋Shooting promo shots with some of my new favorite women. @dannydavalos82 your spot is so amazing:) #makeupoftheday The second half of yesterday's work 😋 Side stretch and iron cross on #hammock Lil candycane into archer magic 💯on #hammock inspired by my friend @monika_ell. Miss you boo 😥 Petite allegro on the jump board. Working on my foot/ankle articulation, proprioception and strength coming off the board. Celebrating my first love ❤️with a throwback from one of my favorite shows of my career #nationaldanceday (1 day late 😳) ...this is me jumping on the social media bandwagon 🚛 Rise n Shine 🌞In need of a hip stretch before teaching this morning. Soooo, this is a modified climb-a-tree with the leg in second position. Going straight in and out of it or with develope to a round or flat back when sitting up. Finishing up with a seated pigeon 🐦 into a straddle transition ➡️ squared hips. A lil core and hip warm up before teaching tonight. A vinyasa flow-inspired plank series with 3-legged dog into hip rotation to side splits Midnight panderings 🌒of a girl who likes to move. #whynot #hallwaydancingdiaries Let's do some more of this.... I'm subbing Brett's 7pm silks class tmrw at The Loft @womackandbowmantheloft. Come hang with me...Corsets and pleather optional 🖤lol. Photo by @jcargetsingerphotos. My two youngest students showing the back balance who's boss 💯 @lhnagatoshi18 @emi.foley... ❤️my littles:) #synchronicity Because she is the queen ⚜️... @stephspanski I ❤️you forever. Henna preparations for her wedding day... with @vaitiare_us @feldnershaw @desibabalu @chonique For my students at @womackandbowmantheloft who are currently studying and training their wheeldowns, have asked me to film a demo. This is for you @whatthekale_cindy and @aerialjodzilla 😜 This is a wheeldown in a turned out position, different than a neutral planche position. There are still a bunch more tips/notes but we can talk about it in class 📝 Joan Garrett @garrettdance and Patty's @pdcohio Alumni 👨‍🎓unite!!! Hanging out with @mamarrazzi while her studio kids take some class @edgepac. Always nice to see some Ohio in LA:) Back in the saddle... I mean the air ☁️See your beautiful faces in class this morning and tonight:) Old friends apparently like to lunch for 5 hours... start with lunch and end with happy hour 😜#professionallunchers #friendsforlife @traciebhooper

Kerry Wee, a dancer since the young age of 5, moved to Los Angeles after earning a BA in Politics at Oberlin College to pursue a life in the arts. She began her professional career dancing for Disney in a percussion-tap dancing show at the new California Adventure park and in the years following, danced on stage, television and film. Kerry has performed alongside Shakira, Carrie Underwood, Beyonce, Prince, Jane's Addiction, World-Artist Benise, Burlesque legend Dita Von Tease and R&B Artists - Pharrell, Ashanti & Busta Rhymes. And on television & film on Dancing with the Stars, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Entourage, the American Music Awards, the BET Awards & feature films Coach Carter & the Rundown. While her dance career continued, Kerry was the Public Relations Director for the French-Cabaret show L'effleur des Sens where she worked on the production side of the business.

Years later, she was drawn to something different. Kerry was dancing alongside a couple of aerialists and decided to start the long road of training for the aerial arts. Most recently, Kerry toured as an aerialist & dancer on Motley Crue's "Monster" Tour & on Taylor Swift's "Speak Now" Tour. She is also an aerialist in music videos for the rock band Evanesence, Grammy-winning Latin Artist Juan Luis Guerra & Indie-vocalist Arden Kaywin. Locally she can be found in the air for gigs at the King King Hollywood, the SupperClub, Beacher's Madhouse & Asia Entertainment. Kerry teaches aerial silks 3 days a week in Los Angeles and spends her mornings personal training and teaching pilates to private clients.