Kerry Wee

Grabbing a luxurious hr on my 🛋 between teaching classes on a perfect spring day in LA. Too tired 😴 to post anything active today. #isitfridayyet #couchpotato #lazybitch Rolling 🌀thru the week like... warming up with my favorite smooth and simple splits flow that @lvaerialist showed me many yrs ago:) Subbing @womackandbowmantheloft for Rachel's silks classes this week and next along with my regular schedule. 11 yr old aerialist @emi.foley on the reformer to strengthen up 💪🏻after being out since Jan with a separated/fractured collarbone. Yay! She's back!  @veganyogiaj @goatgirl314 By Friday nite, my students had such a long and tough week that I couldn't bring myself to work them as hard as I usually do.... so we blasted the music and flowed, moved and danced instead:) #soulfoodfriday When your camera gets the right angle for your back balance 🔛🔝... The vibe was so on point ✅in tonight's late class. Can't wait to see your videos @aerialjodzilla and @johncmidby PERCHED... by @scripterfilms I’ve been playing with a concept that is inspired by the mask phenomenon happening in China and other parts of Asia. Worn primarily to protect from unbreathable air, masks have become a part of their culture and fashion. There's undertones of hiding, mystery, darkness, being trapped & bound, isolation and even sexiness. But most importantly, to me it symbolizes a closed mouth. A physical barrier to self-expression but it’s already ingrained within us. It’s in our skin. The idea will evolve into movement and choreography but for now @scripterfilms and I decided to shoot it and see what might come out of the 📷 Side streeeeetch on reformer 🤣for your #humpday I had a bit of a messy training sesh today... wonder why!?!? We had one day to hang out in between her out of town contracts and this is how @cassiecutler17 shows how much she misses me 😘 #yourefuckingkillingme 🌪& 🥁 I went in to tap the other day, then this happened... 😜I can't resist rolling around in an empty studio. Workin on those triples! 🎶 And after the warm ups and 👣drills I get to have some fun 😜 Reunited... and it feels so good 💗Lil partner dancin with these two today:) @suavo @flomaster73 Putting in the time at the studio 🕓….One of my goals for 2017 is to have an active practice of all of the movement techniques, apparatuses and genres that I do. This has proven to be extremely challenging over my entire career. At any given moment, I’d find myself getting good at something but really unpracticed at the other things...constantly. At times it’s necessary to focus to get to a certain level with a form and so I did. Time is a constraint and so are the limitations of my body. There has to be equal recovery and maintenance time for every hour of training time I put in. But really it’s a career long goal and I think a worthy one. Here’s to the daily work 🙌🏻 #2017goals Warming up my 👣and drilling basics... pushing the ▶️button on my muscle memory... Forward fold with flat and round back positions on reformer. Stretches the hammies & a great warm up for my ankle flexion 🙌🏻 I guess I like mounting people for 💵😜 My client @jbsamsmom being a good sport while I climb on her like the girl from The Ring 😈 #stretch At times, some of my aerial students struggle in the air with form. Their bodies not understanding how to engage and coordinate the right muscles to do some of the really hard technique that aerial work requires😩 I wanted to help them on the ground at a micro level before bringing the movement back into the air. So I've been creating modified pilates work that caters to these issues. Based on the classical teaser/boat pose⛵️This is my modified wide leg/ lower ab articulation exercise with assistance from the ropes. Challenging the client to maintain a pelvic bowl with turnout, strait legs and pointed toes while articulating thru the lumbar spine. Usually I like to perform choreo when I'm filming but this from teaching last night. I'm demo-ing and giving notes to my students. But I like the pacing so here ya go... This is a series of 4 drops decsending to the ground.

Kerry Wee, a dancer since the young age of 5, moved to Los Angeles after earning a BA in Politics at Oberlin College to pursue a life in the arts. She began her professional career dancing for Disney in a percussion-tap dancing show at the new California Adventure park and in the years following, danced on stage, television and film. Kerry has performed alongside Shakira, Carrie Underwood, Beyonce, Prince, Jane's Addiction, World-Artist Benise, Burlesque legend Dita Von Tease and R&B Artists - Pharrell, Ashanti & Busta Rhymes. And on television & film on Dancing with the Stars, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Entourage, the American Music Awards, the BET Awards & feature films Coach Carter & the Rundown. While her dance career continued, Kerry was the Public Relations Director for the French-Cabaret show L'effleur des Sens where she worked on the production side of the business.

Years later, she was drawn to something different. Kerry was dancing alongside a couple of aerialists and decided to start the long road of training for the aerial arts. Most recently, Kerry toured as an aerialist & dancer on Motley Crue's "Monster" Tour & on Taylor Swift's "Speak Now" Tour. She is also an aerialist in music videos for the rock band Evanesence, Grammy-winning Latin Artist Juan Luis Guerra & Indie-vocalist Arden Kaywin. Locally she can be found in the air for gigs at the King King Hollywood, the SupperClub, Beacher's Madhouse & Asia Entertainment. Kerry teaches aerial silks 3 days a week in Los Angeles and spends her mornings personal training and teaching pilates to private clients.