Minn Vo

Minn Vo is LA's premier dance competitor and without a doubt one of the most versatile performers today. Inducted into the California Swing Dance Hall of Fame in 2004, He covers all areas of Vernacular Jazz Dance, including Lindy Hop, Charleston, Balboa, Air Steps, Collegiate Shag, and has an extensive influence on the contemporary movement of urban street dance. His competition background stems from a long history of 1st place titles in the local, national, and world competition circuit since 1997 including American Lindy Hop Championships, National Jitterbug Championships, The U.S Open Lindy Division, Harlem Jazz Festival, California Balboa-Swing Championships, 2008 North American Lindy Hop Championship, 2008 World Swing Dance Championships and many more.
He currently performs with the renowned Hip-Hop dance company called Outer Circle, also a member of The Hollywood Hot Shots dance team, specializing in preservation and education of both Historical and Contemporary Urban American Street Dance. He has made his mark in TV commercials, film, and music videos.

The most recent accomplishments include staring on season five "Dancing with the stars", Performing for the 2012 "Guys Choice Awards" Featured dancer on the TV show "Doctors", "The LXD". Featured dancer for Jonas Brother music video "Love Bug", Choreographers and danced for Katie Perry's music video "Thinking of You" and Gloria Estefan "Hotel Nacional, Choreographers and lead dancers for feature film "G.I.JOE" and featured dancer in an upcoming film "Today's The Day".