Nadine Olmo

Can't wait to be back in LA tomorrow with my fellow stoop kids on Avenue 58 ••• ••◖ The Altar Tour ◗•• #BANKS #fireflymusicfestival 🔮 #BANKS ▰▰ 🔆▱▱ ▫️◻️⚪️◻️▫️ • ◖ ◘ ◗ • ➰@lvdfdesign ➰ S🔆ul Family ☽☾ T r o l l s 🔮 Dreamy vibes at The Witching Hour with @ninamcneely •• dancing with beauties @daniscaringe & @allisonannefletcher ✨ @thesweatspot @sorsari ◇ ◘◙◈ @lvdfdesign ◘◙◈ • ● ◐ The Altar Tour ◑ ● •
A dream and an honor, thank you @hernameisbanks and @ninamcneely •• Full link in bio #BANKS #Vevo @maavven @blocla @vevo Let your soul fly

Nadine Olmo is from Brea, California. She started dancing at the age of 4 and continued through her teenage years. After high school, she received a scholarship to the Broadway Dance Center program in New York City. She lived there for 3 years and branched out into the underground scene where she trained in hip hop, house, contemporary, african, whaacking and more. In 2012, Nadine moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams as a professional dancer. Nadine is a freestyle mover and aspires to open the minds to tell stories through truthful, organic movement.