Nick Baga

I see you weekend... #Bagalove Always exploring 💫 #Bagalove Happy Birthday @chrism0ss! You are the man. I'm changing. I feel it happening. My wants, my goals, how I define success... and that's okay. Embrace change. Trust yourself. Stay open to life. #Bagalove My dad is awesome. Now a days he feels more like my brother than father and I wouldn't have it any other way. Thanks for being everything our family needed and providing me the building blocks to live the life I dreamed. Happy Fathers Day Dad, I love you. Also sending love to all the great fathers out there! To all you bad dads, man the f*#% up! 👊🏼 #flashback to my parents LA visit a few years back. 💙 #Bagalove Been having way too much fun doing little paint projects around my apartment. I've lived in the same place for a while now, so these pieces not only make me feel good whenever I look at them but help me to fall back in love with my space. I have a couple more in the works but finally finished this one and I'm pretty stoked about it. The sun is a souvenir from my recent Mexico trip... when I put it on the wall it felt lonely so I decided to paint a frame around it. This is how it turned out. The cool thing about doing art at home is that it isn't for anyone else, just me... I like it and that's all that matters ;) Ps. first free hand painting 🎨 #Bagalove #Bagaloveart #Casadebaga ☀️#casadebaga #Bagalove #Bagaloveart 💙💫 #Bagalove When life's a beach... relax ;) #Bagawatch #Bagalove #valleygirlfilm #TBT Spending some time in #NOLA filming a show w/ this incredible cast! I love New Orleans and had such a blast down there making friends, exploring the city and most of all doing what I do best. Can't go without thanking the two beautiful ladies that brought me on board @tracyphillips66 and @alison_faulk Love you! Also shout out to my big bros @channingtatum and @KurtzHurts for making it all happen! Sending love to my #SaintandSinners fam and everyone I met while there, hoping to be back soon! #Bagalove #SandSNOLA @nikki_knee is a BEAST! Take her class @litmethod you will not be disappointed. #litmethod Friends that get lit together stick together ⚡️#litmethod Build bridges not walls 💙 My first time experiencing the #GoldenGateBridge and it was as magnificent as I'd hoped. Thanks for capturing the moment @kyliesheaxo :) #Bagalove Nothing but laughs last night judging alongside these two at #thecomedystore for #standup2thestreets! Shout out @theredheadheidi + @justinemachine1 for having me, it was a blast! 😂 Wet Wednesday 💦 #Bagalove Brothers Thinking of a master plan... 💭
I only want do what makes me happy and only work on things that challenge me, inspire me and allow my creativity to thrive. I'm lucky to be in the position to say this and maybe I'm a bit stubborn... but if you are going to chase your dreams you've got to chase them completely. Life's never easy and I expect struggles to come just like I've struggled before but being unhappy scares me more than struggling. I'm done chasing success because I know chasing happiness is key and will ultimately leave me feeling successful. So with that said, I don't know what's next for me but I'm excited and ready. #Bagalove #brainfood Missing that #Vanlife 🚐🌮🏄🏻

Using his east coast charm, incomparable work ethic and his infectious energy Nick Baga has made quite a name for himself in the entertainment industry. 
 You may recognize his face from the overwhelming amount of TV appearances he's made over the years. Such as in Grease LIVE, Dancing With The Stars, American Idol, The Voice, Crazy Ex Girlfriend, Glee, Leno, Ellen, Oprah, Conan, Saturday Night Live and The Queen Latifah Show to name a few. He's also managed to find time to grace the stages of numerous award shows like The Golden Globes, American Music Awards, The Grammy's, Much Music Awards, Latin Billboard Awards, Peoples Choice Awards and even the Olympics. 
 Nick takes pride in his versatility which has helped him to land huge opportunities touring and working alongside numerous artists ranging from Justin Bieber to Stevie Wonder, Arianna Grande, Ricky Martin, Vanilla Ice, Train, Kelly Clarkson, Muse, Jessica Simpson, Aloe Blacc, Boyz To Men and Jennifer Lopez. 
 Growing up watching Gene Kelly films, making movies was a huge part of Nick's dream and why he chose Los Angeles to be his home. Working on La La Land, Ghostbusters, Hairspray and The Muppets Movie are some of the greatest most memorable moments of Nick's Career. 
 If there were a list for the funnest jobs, the commercials Nick has worked on have to be at the top. Whether it be rapping for Taco Bell, dancing for Amazon Prime, Southwest or Target or even working out as a Hamster for Kia, you cannot say Nick Baga hasn't done it all.
 Nick is very proud of how far he has come but will not be resting anytime soon. There's a lot of positivity needed in the world right now and Nick plans to spread his light as far and as wide as long as he can the best way he knows how... performing.