Nikki Medrano

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Nikki was born and raised near Los Angeles, CA.  She trained at a professional dance studio and danced competitively throughout her childhood. Nikki then went on to train at the Edge Performing Arts Center Scholarship program and graduated 2011. There she worked with numerous working choreographers and expanded her dance training as well as singing and acting. Nikki specializes in jazz, ballet, tap, hip hop, jazz funk, contemporary, modern and Latin ballroom. She has been in numerous commercials for well-known video games, Wonderful Pistacios and Reebok, just to name a few, and also has performed on several television shows such as American Idol and 106 & Park. Nikki has danced in many music videos for various artists and has also done many live theatre performances. She is currently in a rock n’ roll girl group called The Darling Stilettos produced by the drummer of Guns n Roses, Matt Sorum.