Nugget offers a style America hasn't seen before: flexin. Putting on a show filled with props, theatrics and magic tricks. He has never taken a single dance class and prides himself on being straight from the streets, preferring to battling on corners or in any open space he can get his feet on. And with moves like "bone breakin," pauzin, glytchin, glidin, snapin, conectin…etc". Nugget is a member of the Ringmasters crew, who has won competitions all over New York City, including one hosted by BET's 106 & Park.

"I enjoy dancing because that's the only thing that makes me feel alive. It's like, when a beat comes on, I can't help myself. I become more than a dancer. I feel super-human! I like to move to the sounds of the street music, but I'm not afraid to mix it up a bit to keep audiences on their toes. I'm bringing a style to the world no one has but Brooklyn, it's uniqueness and creativity will take me above and beyond. It's non-stop, jaw-dropping, explosive entertainment."