Richard "Lil Swagg" Curtis IV

Richard "Lil Swagg" Curtis IV, 19 years old from Oakland CA, took his first dance class at age 4 years old. His dance teacher, Corey Action saw he was great at picking up the choreography and encouraged his mom to keep him coming. "Sparkle" was his first dance crew at New Style Motherlode, Oakland.  He was hired by the Golden State Warriors, Jr Jam Squad at age 9, which was his first professional dance job. At age 13 he was signed to Bloc Talent Agency, Los Angeles and can be seen on X-Factor, Kids Choice Awards and Just Dance Disney video-game.  Richard continued traveling from Oakland to Los Angeles until he completed at Oakland School of the Arts, where he graduated from the School of Dance. He also had the opportunity to choreograph for Culture Shock Oakland.

Now living in Los Angeles, Swagg has made his signatures mark in the dance industry with his "Full Out" and "High Energy" presence with his own choreography as well as many choreographers YouTube channels. He's currently in his third year as an original ImmaBeast member and has worked with many working choreographers in the industry such as Tricia Miranda, Willdabeast, Janelle Ginestra, Dejan Tubic, Chuck Maldanado, & Brian Friedman.