Serena Petruzello

Serena Petruzello was born in Boston, Massachusetts. Serena is an identical twin dancer, model, and actress. She began dancing when she was two years old, and developed an unstoppable passion. Serena trains in ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, hip hop, and jazz funk. At the age of 13, Serena began dancing with college level dance crews and dance companies and traveling across the country assisting high profile choreographers at numerous conventions. She started her professional career at the age of fifteen. Serena has been featured in commercials such as “Britney Spears Twister Dance Rave”, “WayFair.com”, “XL Energy”, and “H&M”. She has also been featured in the 2014 feature film “Annie”. Along with film work, Serena has worked as a model for Reebok and their new dancewear campaign as well as their “Reebok Rally” campaign. She has also been featured as a dancer for “The MoveTube Network” produced by Billy Blanks Jr., working with a number of different choreographers as well as Paula Abdul, and Jody Watley’s new video “Dancer”. Serena has worked with numerous high profile choreogaphers such as Richy Jackson, Rosero McCoy, Lisette Bustamante, Zach Woodlee, and more. Now, Serena is currently living in Los Angeles pursuing her career.