Andye J

My sister, my ace, my ride or die, my harmonizing buddy, my friend ❤ Happy Birthday to my girl @dancin_darina! I'm so thankful for your spirit and beautiful energy. Thank you for being a FRIEND. Your genuine soul is a light to everyone in your presence and your talent is unparalleled!!! So proud of your hard-work, growth, and determination. Love you sis and may God continue to shine bright through YOU ❤❤❤ MONTREAL!!! TEACHING A HEELS CLASS TONIGHT, 21:30!!! Hit me or @rockwellfam up for details 🙌🙌🙌 CAN'T WAIT ❤❤❤ Share and bring a friend! Y'all know I'm all for raw footage 🙌🙌🙌 snippet from my second class at #RockDaHouseXI with @rockwellfam 😊 love teaching here and love this combo! Thanks to my Canadian family for always making me feel so comfortable. And for always getting me drunk, lol! #missandyejchoreography #Xan #RockDaHouse #montreal My heart...how is this going unreported??? I am devastated that we matter so little to the media and to society. Please read what @kehlani so eloquently wrote. ACT NOW!

@Regrann from @kehlani -  I encourage you to repost this. I encourage you to be alert. I encourage you to take action when u see something suspicious. I encourage you to stop scrolling past these publications and shaking your head, speak up and speak out because this is another level of sad and cruel. Nearly 75,000 young black/Latino girls are missing in the US, lately heavily in the D.C. & Chicago area. I encourage you to use whatever voice you've got, on any level to bring awareness to this because not too many major forms of media are. If you have privilege, use it. If you have a platform, use it. Bring these girls home, that's someone's little sister/daughter/niece/grand daughter/ best friend. Put yourself in their families shoes... or better yet, theirs. REPOST ANY ARTICLE YOU SEE ABOUT THIS, this cannot be silenced. #missinggirls #missingblackgirls #bringherhome - #regrann 2016 was one of my ROUGHEST years to date...and I can say that most of it was because I wasn't being still and LISTENING to what God was telling me to do. Many things and energies were wrong in my life, and He was giving me the answers and signals, but I wasn't LISTENING. He knows what's BEST for us. When I stopped being dumb and stubborn, and started remebering who I am, my life instantly changed. I was simply happy again. Nothing is always gonna be perfect, but I was able to just be ME again, through Him. By many things being so wrong for my life last year, I am now able to see what's RIGHT for me going forward. Thank God for never giving up on me. That kind of love can only come from Him. For real. ❤ Happy birthday to this crazy, creative, unique, loyal, and genuine friend of mine!!! Love you too much Boston 😊 I got your back forever ❤ @afetbroth Hey yall!!! Subbing TODAY @mlthestudio at 3:30pm and clearly really happy about it 🙌🙌🙌 come thru if you're free!!! Up and down, in and out, thick and thin. ❤ Happy Birthday Jian...cheers to never-ending friendship 👑 @jian_vp Lil snippet from my federal last Sunday! Needed to release some pettiness and ratchet-party vibes 🙌🙌🙌 @sydsymone @amanda_grind @_dpop92 @meeshmon @dancin_darina @kiiramharper @hoodrivermusic @kaelynnharris @kendrickmart @lilrichswagg - thank y'all for dancing and coming thru for me ❤❤❤ | Blurry, but SO worth the share ❤❤❤ I LOVE HERRRR!!! #JordynDenise #AuntieAndye #MyNiece SO happy to be joining this faculty of talented beings!!! And even MORE proud of my brother @willdabeast__ for constantly reaching for the stars 🙏🙏🙏 P.S. love that my photo is in between two of my most favorite people on this planet, @afetbroth & @_cjsalvador ❤ 
@Regrann from @immabeastco -  GOD WORKS ! :::
THE @immaspace is HERE ⭐⭐🔥🔥💙💙🔥🔥
APRIL we open our doors to you ! 
Faculty below ( sub list not included ) ::::::
Janelle Ginestra
Allison Holker
Jade Chynoweth 
Noah Tratree
Phil Wright 
Blake Mcgrath 
B dash 
Sean Lew 
Taylor Hatala 
Maryann Chavez 
Alexander Chung 
Rudy Abreu 
Robert Green
Cat Cogliandro 
Codie Wiggins 
Celeste Cancel 
Fresh Redding 
Zachary Venegas 
Julian Carmolinga 
Alex Fetbroth
Andye J.
Cj Salvador 
Willdabeast Adams 
Today ... @immaspace ( @beastnetwork , @immabeastco , ) ::
will be releasing OUR official faculty list . 
A mix between , technique , foundation , hip hop , jazz funk , new school , 😂 mid school , old school , and embracing our new generation of up and coming teachers in @immabeastco 💙🏆
::: I have received all of the inquiries about when we open ... I promise you I will let you know when our summer program and winter program will be open AKA #IMMAexchange 
But for now in LA 
Classes TUE & THURS with pop up classes Wednesday nights ⭐💙 ::::
💙💙 STRONG POSITIVE ATTITUDES CHANGE EVERYTHING 🏆 - #regrann Still feeling last night in my soul ❤ it felt so RIGHT to be dancing with these incredible, talented, and beautiful black women. It was so special. Thank you for the powerful energy onstage @kiiramharper @itskendrajae @d0mb___ Queens. I love y'all. 👑 And @kiiramharper - thank you for being unafraid to share your vision ❤ #4women #kiiraharperheels UGH, SO SORRY Y'ALL!!! LAST MINUTE JOB CAME UP AND CAN'T TEACH @drdancestudio 😕😕😕 SEE YOU GUYS NEXT WEEK!!!! ALSO: Performing tonight @clubjete in a beautiful piece, choreographed by a beautiful woman, and dancing alongside beautiful souls. ❤ please read the words from choreographer @kiiramharper below and make sure to come to the show!

@Regrann from @kiiramharper -  4 Women 👑

Beyond Honored to be presenting Heels piece at @clubjete tonight and to have these Beautiful Strong women alongside me to help tell my story! 
The woman is constantly stereotyped for being bitter, angry, or having an attitude. When they put us on stage in a heel, the first instinct is to sell us as sexy. But I want the world to know there is more to US 👑. I AM A WOMAN! I have a story, and there is a reason why I am the way that I am. WE ARE NOT ALL THE SAME! WE ARE INDIVIDUALS AND HAVE LAYERS TO OUR SOUL THAT REQUIRE PATIENCE TO UNRAVEL. 
I hope this piece tonight helps the world see that there is more to us women than heels, sex, and anger. I hope you're ready to hear our story. THIS ONE IS FOR THE WOMEN. 🙏🏾✊🏾👑 #kiiraharper #kiiraharperheels #kiiraharperchoreography #jete #march #2017 #heels #heelschoreography - #regrann Happy Hump Day!!! Teaching my Heels Performance Class tonight, 7pm @drdancestudio 💋 come thru for some midweek sexiness! | #missandyejchoreography #heelsperformanceclass #queendomination™ When your sister @sydsymone KILLS the shot!!! Book your photoshoot with @sydneynoblephoto NOW!!! Talented and reasonable prices ❤ P.S. Somebody book me on a print or commercial job please and thank you!!! Hair, makeup, and styling by #missandyej @blocla TOMORROW NIGHT!!!! IT'S GOING DOWN AT FEDERAL LIVE!!!
@Regrann from @_incrowdent -  AS IF THE LINE UP WASN'T ENOUGH!! LOOK WHO'S ON THE 🎤 || @rawswagger || AND ON THE 🎶 || DJ @willdabeast__ || O WHAT A NIGHT!! ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• THE PARTY THAT EVERYONE IS WAITING FOR RETURNS || FIRST FEDERAL LIVE OF THE YEAR AND THIS LINE UP IS KILLER || HEAVY HITTERS NIGHT || @missandyej @leedaniel3 @amanda_grind WITH DEBUT PIECES FROM @tuckerbarkley @dianamatos AND FEATURING @iloveflygirls WITH CHOREOGRAPHY BY @siennalyons1 || $15 BEFORE 11pm $20 AFTER || doors open at 10:30pm || 21 & UP #INCROWDENT #FEDERALBAR #FEDERALBAR #FEDERALLIVE #PARTY #DRINK #DANCE flyer design by @valegrille - #regrann Just because I adore this woman. My sister for LIFE ❤ I love you @cocohontas530...you are the best friend anyone could ask for 😊 #LiteralDayOne #MySister #Queens 👑 Yep, still teaching TONIGHT, 7PM @drdancestudio! LAST TIME FOR