Dani Vitale

10 years + @dickssportinggoods 📷 @jamesmichelfelder I know I’m late on #girlsday, but I wouldn’t be where I am today without the values and lessons I learned growing up in a Studio dancing. No matter if I made dance my career or not, it molded me to be an independent, confident young lady. I made my dream bridal party when I was 12, and it hasn’t changed lol. (Even if I don’t ever get married, we are all buying dresses and partying)

My mission when I teach these girls is to show them that yes, ANYTHING is possible, but, more so the fact that they must work SO hard to achieve what they want. I try to explain that nothing should be or will be handed to them. Then whenever they experience feelings of failure or being lost, to not get discouraged or unfocused and remember that they can do WHATEVER they want. 
That working hard and hustling will get you where you want to be. You don’t win by not practicing and that “winning” isn’t everything...(that confuses them sometimes lol)  I will travel the world for weeks with artists and do “dream dance jobs” but I will always show up on Thursdays (when I can) to see these ladies and share everything I learned along the way. I see no point in doing what I do if I can’t share it. I want to inspire them past the point to where they think their limit is. 💛

These young women lack positive real relatable role models more than ever these days. There are a lot of incredible ones out there, but just lost in a scuffle of garbage. Be real with them, help guide them, because they are going to be hopefully guiding my/our daughters one day 💕 @underarmournext #sheplayswewin I’m getting back class footage from the amazing @nordahl_creative from my class in London, and I’m having all the feels again ❤️ if you haven’t listen to @ddlovato new album, you are missing out. Sometimes I get so used to “going through the motions” and forget to actually FEEL and LISTEN. This song was a slap in the heart ha. The line in this song “I need someone; on days like this I do, on days like this” ...having that person to just run to, and have thinking about you no matter what and to whatever extent. All in all, don’t be afraid to feel, that’s where the growth happens .. #tellmeyouloveme #dance #demilovato #heels #studio68 Pondering if I do one more day of dry shampoo... #realshit ❤️ My sexy 🇬🇧 boys...You PULLED TF up when @jojogomezxo & I gave you the “artist challenge”. To be a class dancer is one thing, but then to make the mental switch to REVERSE choreography in a second, perform, all while making the artist look incredible is harder than people think. I had SO much fun performing with you sexy men🔥 (video in the middle of gallery) 📸 @lnzyrosephoto 🕺🏿@james_mitsotu @austynfarrell92 @michaeljrichards_ ❤️🇬🇧 #london I left my heart & soul with you all ❤️
In honor of @ddlovato #tellmeyouloveme releasing today. This song gave me ALL the feels and I HAD to create to it. I was in tears half of the class because of all the amazing energy from all of you that came to share your love for dance with us. I needed this class more than y’all know. So THANK YOU. I’m so proud of everyone leaving their insecurities at the door (after I verbally beat it out of you all haha) and letting all the raw emotions come out. Definitely a therapy 2 hours for us all ❤️. Never forget WHY we dance... 💋
And thank you to Demi, for bringing us out to London, to be able to meet you all. Goosebumps all night seeing everyone connect to her songs in your individual ways.. It was such beautiful night I’ll never forget. See you soon xo

Thank you @studio68london @jojogomezxo @hannahcleeve_ 🎥@katrinenordahl @nordahl_creative
#dance #demilovato #choreography #heels #LONDON🇬🇧 ❤️ @jojogomezxo & I both will be teaching THURSDAY! Come dance with us xo ❤️🇬🇧 That moment @chancetherapper & @migos became a dancer for @ddlovato 😆 #goals #iheartradio #sorrynotsorry #djkhaled 
@dianamatos @serenapetruzello @savanapetruzello @stacey_johnson25 @bfongg @bailey_swift_ 
@jojogomezxo Threw in a  non commercial pose at the end of my @dickssportinggoods shoot with @jamesmichelfelder for fun and it wound up making the cut! 🙌🏼 always trust your gut if your creative brain is telling you something. I was inspired to do this pose in the moment from the lines on the back of the sports bra and the linear paint on the ground. Wanted to do something different than just an This woman ❤️ @ddlovato 
#jimmyfallon #sorrynotsorry 
So honored to be a part of this chapter with her, rule pushing, groundbreaking & being able to create around her has been such a dream. Happy birthday stud 🤓 cheers to many more party of two dance parties in rave tents. 🤗 Love you 😘 Wait. A music video that I didn't have to hide behind a tree or dress up as a fish?! Count me in‼️ Thank you @underarmourwomen @dickssportinggoods for highlighting DANCE & my friends @jasminemason_ @jayylutz 
#unlikeany #underarmourwomen #dance #female (FULL video in Bio) ❤️I embarrassed myself and asked Bullseye the dog for a selfie... his owner was like... I am SO honored & excited to share these from the @underarmourwomen @dickssportinggoods 2017 fall campaign!!💙see me creeping at you buying sports bras in a store near you 🤗

#unlikeany #dance #dancersareathletes 
#underarmour #underarmourwomen #iwill ⭐️PART 2⭐️ ⭐️PART 1 ⭐️of what @fox8newscleveland covered on Tuesday :) Thank you so much for coming so I can re live this moment over & over ❤️ thank you @underarmourwomen ❤️#dance #danceteacher #cleveland #underarmourwomen happy birthday 🤗❣️

Originally from Cleveland Ohio, Dani Vitale showed raw potential and prodigious talent early on. She grew up at Spotlight Dance Center and Cleveland City of Dance and quickly began teaching and choreographing for her studio and the Cleveland Cavalier dance team. She found the official dance team at Notre Dame Cathedral Latin High School. Later she trained and studied intensely in New York and Los Angeles. She continued honing her technical dance skills which allotted her memorable roles in La Bayadere with The Kirov Ballet and The Nutcracker with Cincinnati & Pennsylvania Ballet. In 2008, she ventured out to the west coast to be apart of EDGE Performing Arts Center scholarship program. Upon graduation she joined BLOC and has been working ever since alongside Demi Lovato, Rihanna, The Jonas Brothers, Snoop Dogg, Carly Rae Jepsen and more. Touring and working on film, Dani also is the top blogger on camera personality for BUZZNET, and the new face of Hawaiin Tropics!