Dani Vitale

Injured my left foot a couple weeks ago so during my shoot today I had to improvise on dance moves. It was so hard 😿So some of my students came to help me and somehow I got some good photos! Love you girls @jordyn_gapol @makaila.teagle @tslittleworld @kaitlyn.gilbreth I love this. 
I tagged some badass ladies who I know did not have LUCK on their sides. 
I hate when people say Walking into this weekend like Haven't been able to dance lately due to a minor foot injury but my soul was DYING to move. So @hannahdlaine & I decided to do a #30mindancechallange on the floor 👯 the stirrup legging completes that line 🤗 thanks @joejonas for this song ! @k3ndallmorgan 🤙🏼@underarmourwomen #dance #choreography #bffs Sometimes it's a frustrating feeling thinking people only Dancing at a young age shaped my life more than I could ever imagine. I learned values that I am so eager to share with my students every time I walk into a studio. I strive to educate my students that they can be more than just pretty... #impretty Woman are more than just PRETTY... #impretty This one time I was a dancing rose petal for #beautyandthebeast around #arianagrande 🥀🌹 I can't wait til this movie is out! This was a magical one 😍#diditforbelle This man has put hours of surgeries, recovery, physical therapy and so much time away from home to put this together the past year. Lots of hours on my part hearing him upset, battle minor injuries and not seeing him for weeks. I felt like I had a skate part coming out lol. I could get all mushy or you can just go to his page and watch how badass he is. Love you @seanmalto ❤️ you are an inspiration to us all. Never going to get a birthday like this again 💋 On my way to do my taxes like... Pulling out all the moves today for @underarmourwomen 
#underarmour #dance #danceeverydamnday #contemporarydance 🤙🏼❤️ finally found someone who loves sleep as much as I do. Throwback to one of my favorite #grammy performances I've done. #darkhorse #katyperry #grammys2014 #dance I came to LA with a list of I've been so inspired lately to take classes that I haven't in a long time! I have @underarmourwomen  to thank for that. 
@kcmonnie taught this WHOLE DANCE to us in 30 minutes. It was so worth all the blood blisters I got. I haven't done 3 side leaps in a combo since I was 15.... THANK GOD his warmup is AMAZING. 🙃 
so, hope I inspired you to go do something you haven't done since high school lol. 
#onedance #dance #contemporarydance #edge #underarmour #danceeverydamnday 
#danivitale #kcmonnie #edgepac These sexy fools @dnce are performing tonight in CLEVELAND! Go get dirty and show them a good time!! #216 #cleveland 
@joejonas @colewhittle I got to finally get these munchkin princesses today 👑 Its hard to post right now with so much crap going on in the world. I just wanted to share that I woke up this morning feeling so special that I have finally found a company that believes and fully supports me and women. More than ever we need this support. I felt honored wearing a @underarmourwomen sports bra today to dance class. I felt empowered looking at myself in the mirror knowing that this company is not just another company with trendy hashtags, metallic prints and fancy instagram photoshoots. I had more confidence while taking class and that's what apparel is about. I get so caught up in I'm so excited to finally announce my partnership with @underarmourwomen. 
This is something that I have dreamed about my entire life to be supported and loved by a company that shares the same vision as me ❤️ I am honored to wear the logo with such pride and the love they have for us woman athletes is infinite. Dreams don't happen over night, I believe that I am here on this earth to show that hard work, a smile, and a dream can take you anywhere.
Let's support visions that support US.

Originally from Cleveland Ohio, Dani Vitale showed raw potential and prodigious talent early on. She grew up at Spotlight Dance Center and Cleveland City of Dance and quickly began teaching and choreographing for her studio and the Cleveland Cavalier dance team. She found the official dance team at Notre Dame Cathedral Latin High School. Later she trained and studied intensely in New York and Los Angeles. She continued honing her technical dance skills which allotted her memorable roles in La Bayadere with The Kirov Ballet and The Nutcracker with Cincinnati & Pennsylvania Ballet. In 2008, she ventured out to the west coast to be apart of EDGE Performing Arts Center scholarship program. Upon graduation she joined BLOC and has been working ever since alongside Demi Lovato, Rihanna, The Jonas Brothers, Snoop Dogg, Carly Rae Jepsen and more. Touring and working on film, Dani also is the top blogger on camera personality for BUZZNET, and the new face of Hawaiin Tropics!