Dassy Lee

STYLE: Popping, Freestyle, Hip Hop

CLASS DESCRIPTION: Dassy has been training her Popping style for more than a decade from legendary creators such as Electric Boogaloos (Boogaloo Sam, Popin Pete, Mr, Wiggles), Jr Boogaloo etc all over the world. She has a knowledge of being in Street dance scene as well as being in the industry scene. She would love to share what she has been learning from Battling, Freestyling, Cyphering, Choreographing. Her Popping class consists of 20% of warming up, 30% of Basic technique, 50% of Routine with previous technique that was taught. In addition, improving freestyle skills as well as musicality skills.

BIO: Inyoung “Dassy” Lee is a world-renowned dancer with years of both underground and industry achievements. She was the first Korean dancer featured in the award-winning TV program ‘So You Think You Can Dance,’ finishing in the Top 8 of over 4000 contestants. She has been featured in national commercials for brands such as FitBit, Timberland, and Mastercard, as well as music videos for Calvin Harris, PARTYNEXTDOOR, and One Republic. She has also performed in ‘Jonzi D’s Block Party’ and the Breakin Convention, both took place at the world famous APOLLO Theater. Her strong popping style which makes her very unique as a female dancer led her to win many dance competitions around the world. Over time she has taught at Millennium Dance Complex LA, Debbie Reynolds, Broadway Dance Center New York, EXPG New York, Dartmouth college, Flying Steps Academy in Berlin Germany, Creative motion dance studio in Vancouver and many more. Her choreography shined at Carnival LA - co choreographed with her crew members Marie and Lily, the video of the performance got over 30 Million views! Her passion for dancing, choreographing, teaching and artistic directing will bring many more incredible memories.