Lyle Beniga

#restininfamyprodigy🙏🏽 #mobbdeep.  #throwback catching up my boy @sean_carbs for last year's Rest in Add uncle Lao-Wa to the list of aliases !! #Ryre #Leelay #20monthsold #prouduncle @rbenig1 There's no one more instinctually down-to-earth, loving, kindhearted or funnier than you in this world, and you're always just being you.  @lindsayrichardson thank you for being the BEST part of my days (at home or away), and I love you !!! #happybirthday Sorry, all I have are these random #instastories from what was nevertheless a productive and bomb-ass time in NYC over the weekend ! Ayeee !  Congrats @keithurban and @carrieunderwood, as well as @john_urbano (director) !! Thanks again for bringing myself and @lindsayrichardson in for this m/v, we're proud to have been a part of it #TheFighter🏆 #cmtawards #choreography It was a good day yesterday with my bruddas and sista @devinjamieson @amanda_grind @shaunevaristo 🚀 Saturday night with my beautiful lady @lindsayrichardson #LA When you feel twice inspired by the ones you inspire. 💯🔁 it's my pleasure and honor to have brought this one back by special request.  To be real, as much as I have an older brother way of looking after them, they keep me on my f'n toes !! #🏴🚢 #Repost @ysabellecaps
If you know me, you'll know that my life is complete now that I learned this dance and did it with these two.. this piece is timeless ✨ #flgshp🏴 @riehata @lylebeniga #ysabellecapitule #dance #hustlehard #remix #acehood Took the OG'z @phi_jbwkz and @mrkudelka class last week, not just to support, but for the n00b in me that's geeked to see this happen.  Dunno about you, But I remember in 2003 when I was still trying to figure this life out in Maryland and how watching some of my idols @jabbawockeez and @jtimberlake changed the way I looked at dance.  Experiences like that created some genuine & pure feels that I used as a catalyst to pursue Dance as a career, so thank you for that, for class, and continuing to keep it moving👊🏽 ... and for everything else. #idontforget #awready ! Come thru ! Tonight 8pm @mlthestudio | @bnga_ ✨ align!  An epic nightcap to what was already an epic night.  With the homies @littleshao @doknock @phi_jbwkz @shaunevaristo @remind1977 @ronnie_ff @benstacks 📸: @littleshao | I pulled the trigger on a day trip out here in NYC from LA with no expectations other than to be a fan and a believer (@houseofexile showcase is the BEST hip hop/urban dance event out here in the U.S. btw), and what i got in return were some major vibes, memories and some reconnection/recalibrations.  WORTH IT. #expg #LDH A little sesh' with my boys @generations_official before their concert this Friday. #exiletribe #LDH #expg #mL #bnga ee !! #weekending Frontier 📸: @shaiderdivina Hong Kong, Houston, Tokyo, Chengdu, Vancouver was a dope Spring run, great memories !! ... Back to my favorite, regular scheduled programming: mornings in LA 🐶💩🐰💩🚴🏽🚴🏼‍♀️☕️☕️ #dtla @lindsayrichardson @bluebottlela Just a 🔨 in the 🗄. #DNA @kendricklamar @ambushpack @arenadancecomp 🎥: @vibrvncy

Lyle Beniga is a choreographer/ dancer residing in Los Angeles, California. He grew up in Washington D.C where he trained in all forms of dance, but his expertise lies in freestyle hip hop. Lyle recently had the privilege to perform on the Michael Jackson tribute during the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards. Since his move to Los Angeles, he has performed with top recording artists Cassie, Missy Elliot, Christina Aguilera, Miley Cyrus, Ashley Tisdale and Hilary Duff. He is most known for his innovative freestyle, which has provided him with the opportunity to teach master classes and workshops around the globe. In LA, he teaches regularly at the famed Debbie Reynolds Dance Studio. Lyle’s choreography has been featured in films, music videos and live performances. His most noted work is his choreography in the hit feature film “Fame”. He has also worked closely with Korean Musical Artists JYP and TaeYang. Lyle is currently dancing with Justin Timberlake on his 20/20 tour.