Maria Wada

STYLE: Hip Hop, Contemporary, Jazz Funk

CLASS DESCRIPTION: Contemporary fusion- Mix of street styles(hiphop, house and vogue) and contemporary. Focus on how to use every muscle of your body and musicality which is the most important part of dance hip hop- focus on musicality, groove and how to use every muscle of your body. I will teach how important it is to have strong base to be exceptionally amazing dancer.

BIO: From: Tokyo, Japan. Have lived in New York/Mexico City. Maria Wada has worked with numerous celebrity artists such as Madonna, Britney Spears, Katy Perry and Jason Derulo. She has been on 3 world tours as a principal dancer. She has choreographed dance projects for DA TOKYO also has taught master classes in Japan. Freestyle: Mix of hip hop, house, waack, vogue and contemporary.