Tiadora "Tia" Rivera

STYLE: Hip Hop, Heels, Waacking, Voguing

CLASS DESCRIPTION: Having experience working as a professional dancer and choreographer with most of today's hottest artist, Tia's classes ensures to focus on performance techniques, turning the classroom into a stage.

Hip Hop class description: Through her versatile choreography, she works on dynamic movement you would do on real life award shows, tours, and music videos. You will learn how to dance more dynamic, cleaner, and all the performs techniques to becoming a professional working dancer.

Heels: In her heels class she focuses on the foundation, techniques and lines needed to properly dance in a heel. From across the floor drills, to walks, to choreography and floor work, you are sure to leave tia's heels class feeling more experienced and confident in your ability to dance in heels.

Waacking: In her waacking class she focuses on musicality, precision and performance. Tia breaks down the style, its origin, and how to properly dance it while incorporating a series of drills and a routine.

BIO: Entertainer and New York City native, Tia Rivera seeks to inspire the world through movement. She began dancing professionally at 17 and since then, Tia has performed globally with some of the world's biggest superstars. Her performance credits include working alongside Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Beyonce, Usher, Mariah Carey, Gwen Stefani, Kanye West, Ne-yo and many more.

With the knowledge and experience gained as a performer, Tia began working as a choreographer and movement coach to the stars. Some of Tia’s notable choreography credits include creating for Major Lazer, Fergie, Gwen Stefani, Alunageorge, Halsey and Justine Skye to name a few. Tia’s Choreography has been featured on the hit TV show Dance Moms season 7 as her mini’s took 1st place competing under Tia’s choreography and direction. Tia has also served as a choreographer for the Blackish season 4 and VH1 Hip Hop Honors 2016: All Hail The Queens, which took place at the Lincoln Center. Some of Tia’s notable spots include Toyota, Gap and Swarovski.

As well as pursuing her career in entertainment, Tia also has a strong drive to provide motivation and education for aspiring entertainers. She has created a successful mentorship program powered by her company Turning Pages LLC. Through her love for public speaking and mentorship she has impacted the lives of many individuals allowing them to maximize their potential. Alongside her flourishing entertainment career, Tia is helping shape the lives of many in pursuit of their own dreams. Puerto Rican, New York City native, the journey for happiness and success. Tia leads a vibrant and passionate life. From her established career as a dancer to her groundbreaking choreography, Tia was simply born to make an imprint on the world.