Brianna Curiel

Brianna was born on April 29, 2003 in Miami, FL.  She loves singing, dancing, fashion, and painting.She has been singing or humming songs since she could understand the sounds of music.  Her passion is soul music, she likes to sing songs that have meaning.She's very determined to become a singer who inspires people.  She is currently working with Tommy Brown (TBHits) & Victoria Monet as her team in production, vocal production and writing.  They have all put together an EP with more than 6 original songs written by Brianna and Victoria.  She sings all day long, loves to write music with melodies, and she knows how create beats on Logic-pro & Pro-tools.  Not only does Brianna enjoy singing, she loves to use the balcony as her artistic getaway. Brianna can spend hours oil painting pictures on her canvas. It does not stop there with talent for Brianna as she is really into fashion. Brianna has performed for Stevie Wonder House Toys at the Nokia Theater, LA County Fair, and many more venues.  She has a new video cover from Adele "Skyfall" on her YouTube channel & is currently working on many more covers.  Brianna competes nationally with the Rage Entertainment Dance Complex and has won double platinum awards.  She was also selected to be part of the Rage LA  Hip Kids girl group taught by Rydell Lynch and performed on several  shows, such as LA county fair and Wayne Brady toys for tots.