Regan Aliyah

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Flint's Mayor says he won't be able to treat the problem for at least another two years. If this happened in LA the media coverage and solution would be quicker than anything. It's already been almost 3 years...We have to do better. Find an outlet and donate/find families and donate water bottles. If the gov. can't do it then we have to do it ourselves

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Regan Aliyah, who was born and raised in Los Angeles, California and grew up in a musical family, who’s combined professional credits included Gladys Knight, Michael Bolton, Janet Jackson, Rhianna and more, was exposed to different types of music at an early age and, always, loved and showed an interest in the arts.
Regan, born July 8, 1999, began performing in 3rd grade. With mentoring and managing by their mother, she and her older sister Ryan began winning numerous dance and drill team competitions and studying dance, acting and vocal.
In 2012, Regan Aliyah, along with her group Urban Xtreme, known for their energetic performances, curly locks, vibrant style, empowering message and spunky personalities, became a fan favorite, starring on Disney Channel's Make Your Mark- Shake It Up, performing alongside of Zendaya and Bella (Shake It Up), Ross Lynch (Austin & Ally) and Debbie Ryan (Jessie) and gracing Entertainment Weekly with Justin Bieber.
Urban Xtreme, now, are the 1st teen Brand Ambassadors for Miss Jessie’s and are sponsored by Vlado Footwear and Drop Water. The girls have been seen performing and co-headlining numerous events and venues such as The Roxy, the BET Experience at the Staples Center, Stub Hub Center (formally Home Depot Center), Nick Cannon's Take Action Leadership Event at Paramount Studios, LA Convention Center, NRG tour along with IM5, Kenton Duty and Ochoa Boyz, appearing in several Todrick Hall productions and co-headlining with Kidz Bop. They, also, have partnered with the American Heart Association promoting healthy living to tweens and teens and take part in national school tours, reaching thousands of kids promoting Anti-Bullying and Childhood Obesity Prevention.