Tate McRae

i know i'm a little late, but i just wanted to say congratulations to @nopenother & @traviswall for winning emmys!! 💋✨ so grateful to have been apart of this process, getting to perform travis' piece #throwback to @jeffthacker 's class @iafstudios ❤❤ boy did this bring back memories of sytycd! i miss everyone so much :))) #windbeneathmywings #memories #lastsummer #improv #tatemcrae @danceonfox #thenextgeneration #immahighsociety #iafhero i whip my hair back & forth💋✌🏼 have u guys seen my new #createwithtate ?! choreographing new pieces every friday! 
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I do not own the rights to this music💕 #tatemcrae #tatemcraechoreo #falling #iafhero #immahighsociety @jessicamauboy1 👈🏻 everyone tag her!! saturday early morning training 🌈❤️☑️ what are you guys doing this weekend?? :) @jaynaphotography #ballet #rehearsal #privates dope class with @jay_musodi ! love dancing w these girlies @autumnthom @jademarionsuciu 🖤🖤🖤 I ❤ Jazz! :))) @jayjay_dixonbey your choreo's the bomb! #dancer #jazz #sofun #tatemcrae #love
TAG 2 of your besties!! i am READY to get to sleep tonight lol😍✨ another long day of school and dance! #tuesday  @amy.j.gardner full vid- link in bio!✨ we all know that the school year has started & we all go through emotional roller coasters! this film is about how we all go through feelings of excitement....depression...happiness...stress... love.... and the list goes on. this is @littlebitsofawesomeness & i's dance interpretation of that. hope you enjoy:) #tatemcrae #dancefilm
@jaynaphotography Super excited to be a professional assistant this year at @vipdanceevents Register now for what will be their most epic events yet! #Toronto #Edmonton #StudioRatesAvailable email info@vipdanceevents.com #Season5 #VentureIntoPossibility Have u guys seen my 1st #createwithtate ?! Go check it out and subscribe!! Love choreographing and sharing my pieces with you all❤️#tatemcrae #why #tatemcraechoreo @skinnylivinguk a girl should be two things, classy and confident✨💋 YES! i'm starting a youtube series!! #createwithtate 💕🙌🏽✨ 1st video OUT NOW on my youtube!!! hope you like it!:))) @jaynaphotography throwbackkk to a while ago!! this combo was one of my favs:))) #tatemcrae #contemporary #trainhard @traviswall 1st day of school&ballet... Done!!! 🖤👊🏼 this is gonna be a hard but fun year;)) #grade9 #socrazy #ahh #freshman i already miss everyone so much!! 😫💯❤ @campprotege was a dream and i'm so sad that i had to say goodbye to all my amazing friends ✨ love you ALL! wow. this week was unexplainable. thank you thank you thank you @sjtookey & the entire faculty for everything! @campprotege is unlike anything else and i am so grateful to be surrounded by such beautiful souls. xoxo. see you next year! 💯❤ @kathrynrmccormick @mrjacobpatrick #grouporange #somuchfun #lastsummerintensive #journalling #nophone goodbye instagram!! 🖐🏻 I'll see you in a week!! Currently off to @campprotege with no service, so i'll be off my phone this week!! see you soon💕💗 #yesmyfootisontheroof😂
@jaynaphotography @maldiredancewear busy day today :)) can't wait to meet everyone🖤✨ it's a constant work & progress #improv #workingonit  #basement #exploring #tatemcrae

Tate McRae is a 13 year old dancer and singer. Best known for her time on SYTYCD the Next Generation, Tate is known for her lines and technique but also for her versatility as a dancer. She trains full time at a professional ballet school and also excels in contemporary, jazz and hip hop. Besides being the first Canadian to ever make it into the finals of an American Reality TV Show, Tate has been seen on Ellen, danced beside Justin Bieber, performed on the Teen Choice Awards and her voice can be heard on Lalaloopsy playing multiple characters. Her passion for the arts can be seen in her dancing, acting and singing. Gracing the cover of  April 2017 Dance Spirit Magazine the words “Super Tate” are written in bold, which sums up this upcoming artist!