Addisa Goldman

How did you start performing? I was always a shy kid. The only time I felt comfortable and truly happy was when I was performing or doing something artistic. At an early age I remember reinacting movie scenes or making up plays and dances. I would perform them in front of my family and friends. When I was about 8 years old my parents enrolled me in a local dance school where I studied jazz and tap. It was then that I had my first performance on stage.

Where did you train/go to school?
I trained at A Dance Studio in Larchmont, Rhythm By Nature in New Rochelle, Broadway Dance Center in NYC, and at Westchester Community College. I also trained with hip hop dance crews such as Tru Flavaz and N-Effect throughout high school and college.

What are your interests outside of performing?
My other interests outside of performing is painting, martial arts, yoga, acting, photography, and nursing. I have a Bachelors in Nursing from The College of New Rochelle. I'm also very much into holistic health. How did you book your first big job? I heard from a friend in 2007 that Kat Deluna was having auditions for her first tour. Being that it was only my second audition, I was really nervous going in, but I gave it my all. I was so surprised and excited when I found out I booked the job!

Are there any specific people who have influenced your career or your artistic experience?
I have to say first would be my older sister. We would sit and watch movies and music videos, and break them down and memorize them untill the sun came up. Also, it's so cliche, but i have to say Michael Jackson. In my eyes, he is the ideal performer.

What's your favorite movie?
That's so hard to say being that I'm a huge movie buff. It really depends on my mood. A few of my top pics would be Dirty Dancing, Pulp Fiction,The Five Heart Beats, Back to the Future, Anchorman, and The Last Dragon. The list can go on and on. What's your favorite saying? "Be mindful of the future without the expense of the present." - Master Yoda.