Last night's Video Music Awards were definitely not one to miss– from flying cars to fire walls, every performance truly brought it's best to the table! A huge congratulations to the 52 blocstars including choreographers, assistant choreographers, dancers, and martial artists! Miss any specific performance or want to watch one again? Check out the links below! 

Choreographers: Nick & RJ with assistant choreographer Katie Schaar
Dancers: Jessica Di GirolamoTaeko McCarroll, Melany Centeno, Tee Tee, Kaili Bright, Maria Wada, Sasha Mallory, Bj Das, Khasan Brailsford, Chaz Buzan, Sade Keinu, Kenzie McClure, Brianna Pavon, Madelyne Spang, Ty Wells and Keanu Uchida!

5th Harmony-
Assistant Choreographer: Diddi Emah
Dancers: Diana Matos and Teresa Ofoia!

Kendrick Lamar-
Choreography: Fatima Robinson with Adrian Wiltshire
Martial Artists: Rudy Reynon and Shane Yan!

Choreography: Tanisha Scott
Dancers: Jasmine Perri and Kayla Gaskin!

Choreographed: Andrew Winghart  
Dancers: Angelica DeWitt , Derek Tabada and Jessica Hiestand!

Alessia Cara-
Dancer: Sisley Loubet

Demi Lovato-

Dancers: Brooke Fong, Marissa Milele, Serena Petruzello, and Savana Petruzello!

Katy Perry-
Assistant Choreography: Jackie Lloyd
Dancers: Nick Geurts, Walker and Vincent Noiseux!

Miley Cyrus-
Choreography: Michael Rooney with Lisa Eaton
Dancers: Marc Oka and Lisa Eaton!

Thirty Seconds To Mars-
Choreography: Nina McNeeley
Dancers: Derek Schiesel , Nugget, Toi'ya Leatherwood, Nadine Olmo, Danny Axley and Allison Fletcher!