Universal Studios in Japan is launching a SUPER NINTENDO WORLD™ in time for the 2020 Summer Olympics! To get everyone hyped up, check out Galantis ft. Charli XCX's song and music video "We Are Born To Play'! Assited choreography by Alexis Gonzalez and featuring dancers Jason Hancock, Holly Powell, Lonni Olson, Blaire Ostendorf, Parker Blakely, Cole Daniels, Jack Moore, Maycee Steele, Alexis Gonzalez, Andrew Perez, Ameerah Thayer, Lydia Donaldson, Francisco Villa, Alison Stroming, Jennifer Harris, Hailee Payne, Jazz Smith, Tash Marconi, Monroe Cline, Dalton Shooks, Richard Biglia, Tristen Sosa, Jaren Dietsch, Kourtnie Labay, Sean Viator, Jedd Berina, Addison Jones, and Brooklynn Jones.