Did you get a chance to catch the BET awards last night? Congrats to all the talented performers that received awards and the performances were outstanding! Another great year with so many familiar faces!

Big Sean-
Dancers: Pete Styles, Bdash, Angelo Saunders, and Bliss

Chris Brown-
Dancers: Lindsay Ducos, Teresa Ofoia, Amandy Fernandez, Codie Wiggins, Ajaye Skeene, Antonio Hudnell, Ron Myles, Phyouture, Lil Dee Dee, Kyndall Harris, Taylor Hatala, and Natalie Bebko

French Montana-
Dancer: Christina Kim Davis

Choreography: Fatima Robinson with Charm Ladonna
Dancers: Jacqueline Lloyd, Alex Kaye, Tia Rivera, Marquita Washington, and Khadija Nicholas

Trey Songz-
Dancers: Blair Kim, Miesha Moore, and Jayme Rae Dailey

Tamar Braxton –
Dancers: Ava Berstine, Jimmy Smith, Dexter Carr, and Makeda Cyrus

New Edition-
Dancers: Codie Wiggins and Ajaye Skeene

BET Subway Spokespeople- Cierra Marie and Arturo "Art" Miller