We took a trip back to the 90's last night on the Hip Hop Honor Awards! So much dancing, it'll just make you want to get up and move! 

Show Performance:
Executive Producer/Choreographer: Fatima Robinson
Assistant Choreographers: Adrian Wiltshire and Tia Rivera
Dancers: Charm Jordan, Tia Rivera, Marquita Washington, Alex Kaye, Alex Clark, Fulani Bahati, Angelo Saunders, Sammy Soto, Noel Frias, Maho Udo, Cliff McGee, and Casey Motley!

Mariah Carey:

Dancers: Shaun Walker, Tenoa Spencer, Terrence Spencer, and Marcus Mitchell!

Missy Elliot: 
Dancers: Zac Lattimore, Diana Matos, Sasha Mallory, Jade Johnston, Shadae Carroll, Sisley Loubet and Anthony 'Kanec' Carr!