This week the Top 8 becomes Top 6! Here's a look at what happened this past Monday night! Everyone performed 5 times! Two group numbers, two duets, and a solo!

The night started off with a group number! The Top 8 Perform to "Himno del Carnaval" 
Dancers: Ezra Sosa and Bailey Bailrok Munoz

Next came a hip hop number, choreographed by Randi & Hefa!
Madison & Ezra Perform to "Space" by Dizzee Rascal 
Dancer: Ezra Sosa

Then came a cha cha number!
Mariah & Bailey Perform to "Ce Soir? (Hugel Remix)"
Dancer: Bailey Bailrok Munoz

Ezra Sosa performed his solo!
Ezra Sosa Performs to "Conga"

And then came an Argentine Tango!
Madison & Ezra Perform to "Después Que Te Fuiste (A Daniel Berardi)"
Dancer: Ezra Sosa

Followed by a contemporary routine!
Mariah & Bailey Perform to "Slide" by James Bay
Dancer: Bailey Bailrok Munoz

Bailey Bailrok Munoz performed his solo!
Bailey Munoz Performs to "Let's Shut Up & Dance"

To finish off the night came two group routines, one choreographed by Talia Favia!
Mariah, Madison, Benjamin, & Gino Perform to "bad guy"

And lastly, an African Jazz group routine!
Anna, Sophie, Bailey, & Ezra Perform to "Rebirth"
Dancers: Ezra Sosa and Bailey Bailrok Munoz

Of course shout out to Choreographer and Senior Producer, Mandy Moore!