Another powerful season of World Of Dance came to a close last night! From week to week, we were able to cheer on some of our incredible blocstars! A huge congratulations to The Lab featuring bloc's Gio "Lil G Rok" Mendoza! 

Other familiar faces you may have seen throughout the season include: 
Bdash & Konkrete
L&J: Lukas McFarlane & Julia Spiesser
Josh Beauchamp & Taylor Hatala
Sean&Kaycee: Kaycee Rice 
Marissa & The Heartbreakers: Lonni Olson and Brooke Fong 
Embodiment: Jack Moore, Struther White, Brody Pietz and Andrew Perez 
Marinspired: Wyatt Rocker 
thaMost: Shamoria Hardgraves and Jonathan Sison
Cupbcakes: Layla Bailey and Kylie Kwon 
The Rock Company: Sophie Santella 
Pursuit: Shelby Davis and Kayla Russell 
Poreotics: Aidan Carberry
SRank: Josh Price and TJ Medallo
The Pulse: Ezra Sosa and Alexis Warr 
GirlCool: Choreographer- Bobby Dacones and Assistant Director- Jennifer Bermeo
GirlCool: Yasmine Arya