Karen Song


Karen Song is an Orange County native triple threat as a Dancer, Model, and Actor. She has appeared in all forms of media since 2008 including commercial, print, music video, industrial, film, and live stage shows. Karen has propelled her career in Los Angeles by booking various principle roles such as McDonald’s national commercial, PSY Superbowl commercial, Katy Perry‘s “California Gurls”, and Shakira Grammy’s.   Karen has been dancing and performing since the age of seven. Her roots are integrated in classical training and she has appeared in productions such as Nutcracker, Swanlake, Cinderella, and others.  Although Karen has classical training, her keen interest in dance led her into joining Kaba Modern, UC Irvine’s globally recognized dance company. Kaba Modern was featured in MTV’s season one of America’s Best Dance Crew in 2008 and has been launching pad of Karen’s career.   In addition to her dance credits, she has also directed and choreographed with numerous prestigious production companies. Karen has recently finished a show in Planet Hollywood as an Artistic Director and Choreographer for the Miss Asia Beauty Pageant.   Currently, Karen is paving her career path into the acting world. She had the pleasure of receiving exceptional training at the renowned Baron & Brown Dramatic Arts School. Karen continuously strives to inspire others and make an impact through her professional and personal work. 

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