Natalli Reznik


Known for her 8 pack of abs, bubbly personality and award winning looks, Natalli Reznik – the vivacious Isreali native, possesses a passion for dance and art which flourished at a young age. Bouncing around the world with her family never seemed to stop the young blonde beauty from continuously moving and shaking…

After settling in Toronto at the age of 15, Natalli’s ambitions of becoming a ballerina began to take shape. At 17, she began training intensely at the College of Arts where she enjoyed collaborating and creating fashion visuals. An understanding of experimentation and studying all types of dance styles such as: Contemporary, Latin and Hip Hop, lead to her growth as a versatile artist. Once Natalli began to study variations of dance, a quick decision to broaden the scope of her career would form to be the best career move of her life.

After a 2 year stint away from dance due to illness, Natalli revived both her health and career by initiating training once again. Her first professional show was with Cirque De Soleil "LOVE" production. In between upcoming work, Natalli worked on a film called "TAKE THE LEAD" as dancer and actor alongside Antonio Banderas. Post Cirque De Soleil, she altered her career focus to hip hop. Immediately booking NELLY FURTADO’S LOOSE WORLD TOUR; a 2 year stint travelling around the world, allowed for the life on the road to immensely prepare her professional life…

Shortly thereafter, booking So You Think You Can Dance Canada, placed Natalli in the top four finalists. Fast forward 6 months and Michael Jackson is seated across from her – at the finals of his world tour auditions. Since then, Natalli’s performance credits include: Rihanna Australian Tour, "Turn the Beat Around”, Lady Gaga Grammy Performance, Janet Jackson’s “Make me” AMA Performance and music video, Alicia Key’s North American Tour, Kelly Rowland World Tour, Black Eyed Peas, Ne-Yo, Blake McGrath’s “The Night”, Enrique Iglesias “I Like It” amongst others.

Recently, Natalli’s talents have graced the floors featuring other dancers – as choreographer on So You Think You Can Dance Canada, Season 2 and 3. She has also been tagged as one of the most inspirational workshop teachers in today’s professional industry.

Natalli’s passion for creation of movement, combined with a drive unique to her own has garnered her strength to succeed in the Industry. Her story is only beginning… and she remains both humble and thankful for the opportunities that have come her way since her memorable career begun just years ago.

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