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Fullout Cortland

Fullout Cortland

Cortland, known as Fullout Cortland is a multidimensional creative with many talents.

Born in Miami FL, the baby boy of 5 brothers, a self-taught choreographer, dancer, creative director, and all-time talent, Fullout Cortland is a force to be recognized with. At a young age, he knew that there was a star quality about himself and that he was going to make a difference in the entertainment industry.

When you are in a room with Cortland you have no choice but to be embodied by his genuine friendly spirit. Every moment with him will definitely be Fullout!

When working with artists such as Lil Nas, City girls, and his current artist Doja Cat, Fullout Cortland makes sure he pushes the dancers and artists to their full potential and limits. When he steps into a room he’s fully invested with any project that he's apart of. From arranging live shows to working with the audio engineers making sure the sound and choreography hit and feels just right. You can feel his passion, you get a taste of his professionalism, his energy, and can very well see how he’s an asset to the team and industry.

From filming and directing his own projects to take his knowledge to the stage such as the Grammy’s, Jimmy Fallon, Billboards, VMA’s just to name a few, Fullout Cortland is always making sure to create an environment that is fun and full of hard-working individuals to get the job done.

During his career experiences and many accolades, Cortland feels that at this moment, he is right where he’s supposed to be, but he also has more for the world to see as well. His trajectory in the industry is to create classic, timeless, and legendary moments that can transcend amongst generations while being a multi-threat to the industry. This is only the beginning and not the last time that you will hear the name Fullout Cortland. 

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