Bianca Vallar

Bianca Vallar is a San Diego native who is currently residing in Los Angeles. She began dancing at the age of 6 as a little hula dancer. She continued training in cultural
dancing ranging from Hawaiian, Maori, Filipino Folk, and even competing in Tahitian dancing as a soloist. At the beginning of high school she was introduced to the world of hip hop and the Southern California dance community where she joined the renowned team Choreo Cookies. She continued to dance in the SoCal dance team circuit going on to win numerous competitions, traveling and teaching all over the world with Cookies.
After graduating college she decided to move up to LA and pursue a career in the dance industry. She has had the beautiful opportunity to appear in music videos, share the stage, and dance for artists like Ariana Grande, Miguel, Rosalia, Khalid, and Helene Fischer. As well as dance for such companies as Cirque Du Soleil, The Walt Disney Company, and Universal Studios. Since living in LA she has expanded into other forms of media including commercial acting, tv/film, and print modeling. You can find her featured in work for Google, Youtube Red Music, Cadillac, and Starbucks. On her spare time you can find her leisurely skateboarding around LA and attempting to teach more tricks to her cat Mouldy.
Bianca continues to keep moving forward in her career, pushing past the boundaries of her artistry and exploring the lengthes of her creativity through different dance styles and forms of art. She is determined to experience more of what this industry has to offer and is looking forward to the amazing opportunities yet to come.
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