Cache Melvin


Caché Melvin, a native of Baltimore, Maryland, graduated from Baltimore School of the Arts dance division .Since she began professional dancing at a late age, she knew that she had to work extra hard; so she decided to move to LA at age 18. Since then, Caché has done music videos and performed on stage with various artists which include Janet Jackson,Demi Lovato,Tinashe,TLC, Kanye West, Becky G,Lil Wayne,Justin Bieber,Dj Khaled,Big Sean, Jason Derulo and Neyo, to name a few . Continuing to work hard, she has added television and film to her credits.These include ABC comedy’s Uncle Buck, New Edition Story,Straight Outta Compton, Disney’s Best Friends Whenever,Hulu’s East Los High( seasons 2 and 3) and commercials for Starbucks,Adidas spec, and Hasbro’s – Britney Spears Twister Dance Rave .Cache’,aka “KittyCash” in the dance community, has been a featured dancer on many viral YouTube videos for iconic choreographers such Tricia Miranda’s – Trinni Dem Girls,Yanis Marshall and Aisha Francis’ – Freakum Dress, various Willdabeast Adam videos and Bart Bakers’ viral parody- I’m So Fancy ft. Nicki Minaj with Caché featured as Nicki .Although Caché is quite busy,she still manages to constantly train and she commits to her twice daily ritual of reading her two favorite quotes; “Chase the Dream NOT the Competition” and “I am motivated by the fear of being average.”

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