Clarys Biagi


I am from Paris, France. I started dance very early at 4 years old with ballet, jazz and eventually other styles such as modern, hip hop, African, voguing…

I've always been inspired by American culture, especially music & dance. I got to tour for one of the main pop French artist Shy'm and build my experience. As I've always though about it, I decided to challenge myself leave my home  and try my hand in Los Angeles.

I've been lucky enough to dance for Beyoncé, Usher, Pharrell Williams, Kanye West, Adam Lambert … My experience allowed me also to tie in to my love of fashion & club culture and I've been lucky enough to to do some hybrid shows where I've modeled/danced such as at the recent CFDA-Vogue Magazine event where I vogued/walked and  for the Best Designer awardees, Gypsy Sport.

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