Emilie Goldblum


Emilie has been striving for excellence since she was ten years old when she decided she wanted to compete in the Olympics.  From the age of two she started ballet and dance. When she was six she was training in artistic gymnastics and ballet. Then by the age of eleven she made the switch to Rhythmic Gymnastics and was on a plane to Novogorsk, Russia to train with world renowned coaches; Irina Viner and Lusi Dimitrova. Emilie was three time National Champion of Canada and in 1999 Emilie was the Pan American Champion. This title qualified her a spot at the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games. She finished a respectable 17th at the XXVII Olympiad. 

Now Emilie resides in California and moved to L.A in 2005 to pursue a career in acting and performing. She graduated from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts with top grades in 2007. Upon graduation Emilie booked three commercials and one of them was a Screen Actors Guild (SAG) National.  Corporate giants such as Levis, Fruit of the Loom, Samsung, Sharp Aquos, TNT, Cox Communications, Shiseido Make-up, Neutrogena, Sketchers and Mercedes Benz are now part of her resume. This year Emilie was featured on the LXD web series and performed with Kanye West at Coachella. She also performed as the introductory act for Google Zeitgeist where Stephen Hawking was the keynote speaker. On a weekly basis Emilie keeps busy training circus arts and is the Entertainment Director of Playhouse Hollywood for the Muse Lifestyle Group.

Emilie’s twelve years as a Canadian Rhythmic Gymnast have made her stronger and she will always be grateful for the opportunities she was given in this elegant sport and hopes that her hard work will open doors to an enlightened future!

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