Eric Dawkins

Eric Dawkins loves video games!  “As a kid, I would mimic the celebration my game character would do after scoring a point.  I even had a dance game.  I would make my character do moves over and over again so I could imitate and practice some of the  bboy moves.  This was before I had a computer and youtube.”  

Eric grew up in Raleigh North Carolina. After graduating from UNC – Chapel Hill with a degree in Biomedical Engineering and working for a year, he decided he wanted to see what else he could do.  Having stayed in touch with some college dance crew mates, he was able make the big move from East to West, Raleigh to Los Angeles. 

One of the first big jobs Eric did in Los Angeles was E3, showing off the game Dance Central.  “This was the biggest video game convention in the world, and here I am, little ‘ol me, showing people what I do. Have fun!”  Eric has done more than play games, he continued to show the world the "fun" he has in commercials for Disney, McDonalds, and Reebok.  Eric has also been blessed to work with amazing choreographers and directors Brian Friedman, Kenny Ortega, and Liz Emperio.  Dance has even been the fuel for Eric to leave the country, touring the world with great international artist Ricky Martin, Jason Derulo, and even Taiwanese Pop Star Jolin Tsai!

Through his journeys Eric has realized in life there is what you like to do, what you want to do, and what you need to do.  Luckily with dance Eric is able to do all of those things!  Eric is proud to be apart of the Bloc family, and looks forwards to their successes together.

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