Gerald Castle


Born and from Detroit, Michigan, Gerald Castle has an incredible passion for the performing arts… especially Dance. Gerald grew up in a musical family where at the age of 3, he was fascinated with watching Michael and Janet Jackson tapes that he studied repeatedly. This ignited his LOVE for music and performing. Gerald knew at a young age being a performer was his destiny. So at the age of 13, he began to pursue the resources that would get him closer to his dreams, seeking direction from local dance crews throughout his grade school life. It was through this avenue that Gerald managed to step on stage to dance/open for inspiring recording artists such as Ginuwine, Erykah Badu, En Vogue and many more. These experiences solidified his mission for Destiny and lead him to move Los Angeles after graduating high school in 2010. Since then, Gerald is gratefully continuing his journey being featured in high prime Television Shows, Commercials, National Tours, and many more as a Dancer, Actor, Singer, Screen Fighter, and all around performer. #IamnothingwithoutGod

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